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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Claims Sada Reddy 's NZ PR cancelled

Coupfourpointfive has been told the Reserve Bank Governor Sada Reddy, a high ranking official in the interim government, was not allowed to transit through Auckland to Istanbul for the International Monetary Fund meeting on October 6 and 7.

Reddy has travelled to Auckland previously after his appointment as Fiji's Reserve Bank Governor.

We've been told Reddy was informed at Nadi airport that he couldn't travel to New Zealand because his PR has been cancelled.

It's believed that Reddy then went through South Korea to get to Istanbul.

This is the route interim prime minister Frank Bainimarama and finance permanent secretary John Prasad took as well.

New Zealand has banned all top interim government officials from travelling or transisting through the country as part of its sanctions.

It's also banned all Fiji soldiers and their families from travelling to NZ.


Anonymous said...

Heard his family are back in Fiji already. Apparently he had not fulfilled his in-country residency quota by the time he was appointed as RBFG by the Regime. So any time he spent in NZ after that was effectively "disqualified".

With Fiji sports teams now allowed to travel to NZ, it would appear as if the "noose is tightening"...

Anonymous said...

You know why? Because Reddy will prevent the NZ strategy of Fiji's economic collapse from being fulfilled. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

reddy was here in NZ only a week ago travelling to turkey

Anonymous said...

If this is true? Excellent development - exposes & reveals Australia's lack of action in this field for the disgraceful sham it is ie: Ravindra (Robin) Nair - openly assisted regime while receiving AUS goverment pension.

Anonymous said...

Rest assured Anon - Frank & co do not need NZ (or anyone else's) help in collapsing Fiji's economy.
Doing great job on their own.

Liu Muri said...

It is in New Zealand's interest if Fiji's economy collapses and the monkeys, coconuts and curry -munchers line up to NZ with begging bowls, that gives a good Anglo Saxon ego boost, as used to happen during those colonial days.

It will also give an opportunity to retired, useless NZ consultants to have a Fiji holiday while working on NZ aid projects that does little to develop the country. This is neo colonialism. Hurray to New Zealand's strategy of ruling over the cabnnibal country once more.

Anonymous said...

Good move - Canberra take note.

PR's & citizens of convenience
have been aiding this regime and undermining Australia's efforts for far too long.

Anonymous said...

@ Liu Muri.

Don't know what your problem is but I'd get it seen too very quickly.

Like your trapped in some sort of colonial (digital) time warp?

This is 2009 not 1909.

Liu Muri said...

No, sir, it is not me but Rudd and Key who think we are in 1909.
Io Saka, my White Masters, Liu Muri at your service, master...Sir, Saheb Ji....

Wake up man, recognise a SATIRE when it stares in your face, Karua ...HA HA HA

Anonymous said...

And Liu Muri obviously has a massive CHIP on it's shoulder. Come clean, Liu Muri is a military man - end of story.... so why are we not surprised that he sounds like a parrot ?

Next !

Anonymous said...

Rest assured Liu Muri lot of us are wide awake - also recognise satire when we read it and that post read like the rantings of a very twisted person - take original tip - seek professional help - your anti Anzac rhetoric and closet support of regime is glaringly obvious.

joape said...

Actually, it is not just Liu Muri who can recognise neo-colonial domination. Most intelligent people do. Aus and NZ domination over the Pacific is transparent.It is based on a deep seated belief that we are a whole lot of wogs who need to be kept in line with PACER Plus, fatty lanb chops and expired Vegemite. The stronger we are, the weaker the economic position for them. Where else in the world is the market so good for fatty NZ lamb?

Anonymous said...

By the way, this blog is false. Reddy was allowed to travel through New Zealand.How disappointing for those who get their pleasure from the misery of others.

Anonymous said...

If it is true the Reddy lost his PR he would have lost it for not fulfilling his quota as stated earlier in the comments and no other way, It was earlier stated this year by Keys that if they could they would revoke peoples PR but it goes against the laws that they have in place and that they have no plans to change it.

ulamila said...

How can we as a nation stand by and allow another powerful country to call the shots in ours? In India Gandhi started saytagraha and boycott of British goods. Remember? He made salt and insisted on wearing home spun Indian cloth. Imagine if we in Fiji refused to buy the goods imported from the bully boys?
And don't give me the anzac supports democracy line. Neither Samoa nor Tonga are functioning democracies.And as for China!! Anzac loses no sleep over these countries.

Anonymous said...

It's easy, Mila. We can allow them to say and do those things because thats exactly what the vast majority here want also.

What they are doing is right! Most people can see that (except those like you who are ordered not to), and we also want to do what is right. We can see the very obvious differences between pre- and post-coup Fiji, and we just want to get back to sensible, accountable rule.

Who wants to be bothered nit-picking about contrived claims of neo-colonialism in the face of all the obvious and unnecessary harm being done to our nation and our future by the Regime's dishonest, self-serving and pointless excuse-making?

Anonymous said...

Your defence this deplorable regime says volumes about you.

As for the obvious inferred Indian conection - given your ancestors
deplorable track record in defending Fiji during WW2 - suppose we shouldn't expect anything else.

mila said...

Sorry not good enough. None of you have answered my point on the anzac hypocrisy. Why the position on Fiji when Communist China with its human rights violations and lack of democracy is to be placated? It's simple. China is big and Fiji is small. And the links to India? Gandhi thought colonial rule was immoral. That is why the Indians in India did not volunteer in numbers to fight in WW2. Because their colonial masters were seen as the despots. Why die to defend people you believe to be despotic? In Fiji, the Indo- Fijians refused to accept discriminatory pay in the army. from their point of view, their position was courageous and principled, because in colonial Fiji, it was an act of non-cooperation with the colonial masters. It later led to acts of political victimization of the Indo-Fijians, the legacy of which we still see today, and which must now be dismantled. Lets call a spade a spade. Colonial policy in Fiji was racist and divisive.

Unknown said...

Good point Anon. Thousands of NZ, Aussie and Fijian soldiers died side by side defending the Pacific countries against the Japs in WW2. The Japs would have enslaved all of Melanesia, as they did in South East Asia.

NZ and Aussie soldiers then and now fight for freedom and democracy, not oppression. It is a shame Fijian soldiers have lost these ideals and are now oppressing their own people. But where are their orders coming from?

It is interesting, that in WW2, India never declared war on Japan and relied on the British Army to stop the Japs invading through Burma. Thousands of British died in the jungle. My uncle was there and witnessed the horrors. The Indians relied on other people to fight and die for them.

Anonymous said...

People, why are we making hot air out of nothing. I know for sure that Kevin Rudd does not waste his time thinking about Fiji. Australia has more important things on its plate like rebuilding its economy and national interest than to be interested in Fijis misery. Fiji is going down without anymore involvement from Australia and NZ period.

Anonymous said...

@ mila.

You seem obsessed with the word and the implications of colonialism. Yet this is exactly what Indian culture has attempted in Fiji - colonise. You call the Indians refusal to defend Fiji during WW 2 over a pay dispute as 'couragous and principled'- something Fijians find both offensive and unacceptable.
As for Indian support of Bainimarama - do your sums?
He's declared 1 vote 1 value - Indians currently account for approx 37%? Go figure?

Anonymous said...

Anzac hypocrisy?

You have a strange logic mila?
What your advocating is that Australia & NZ should not interfere
when an incompetent military regime
overthrows a democratically elected goverment in their own back yard? Granted hypocrisy is everywhere in politics - reality however is that both these countries will eventually finish up footing the bill - judging by your rhetoric you'll be one of the first up the front with your hand out.

Anonymous said...

Mila - nobody has to answer your point since your point does not justify the coup, or anything else that has happened after it.

Fiji's situation is very clear, our Government was stolen off us for no better reason than the self-preservation of someone who never should have been promoted to Commander in the first place, and who was not up to the job of keeping within the Geneva Conventions when he faced his first crisis in 2000.

But just in case you were wondering, the reason that ANZ treats Fiji differently from China or Tonga or Samoa is that none of those countries are led by Governments who stole power off the back of a blatant lie.

ANZ knew Frank was going to commit treason in 2006, and they knew his reasons were not good enough. They told him so, but he went ahead and did it anyway. So do you say that just because Frank made that mistake that ANZ should just accept his ex poste facto shuffling of reasons for his coup?

Tonga and Samoa may not be genuine democracies as we understand them, but at least they are democratic enough to have credible processes in place whereby the will of the people can be brought to bear in the arena of their national governance. That is all you can really ask.

The Chinese Government on the other hand, even though it has no democratic governance mechanisms as we understand them, is nonetheless responsive to the needs and interests of its citizenry. Unlike the Fiji Regime, the Chinese Government is clearly 1. Legitimate; 2. Responsible, 3. Intelligent; 4. Genuine, and; 5. Mature. They are therefore people with whom any problems can be dealt with through normal diplomatic means. They also face reality and deal with it.

The Fiji Government on the other hand appears to live in some kind of fantasy world in which propaganda is everything and reality is nothing. It told bald-faced lies before the coup, and is living on wall-to-wall lies after it. Its only response to being caught out in its lies is just to manipulate and propagandize all the more. So unlike the Chinese, Tongans and Samoans, the Fiji Regime has demonstrated that it is neither a genuine, nor a credible partner.

But even if it was, ANZ would still be hard pressed to help Frank get away with treason since: 1. He knowingly committed the crime; 2. He even enlisted the help of legal experts and even Judges BEFOREHAND to help him get away with it; 3. He continues to compound that crime with further crimes afterwards, and 4. His sole use of diplomatic channels is not to find a solution to Fiji's impasse, but simply to manipulate the diplomatic system further to escape the predictable consequences of his treason.

So Mila, you need to come up with credible reasons why any sane person, let alone the leaders of sovereign nations who have the region's future at heart, would agree to just forget about that because of the Regime's worthless, self-serving, pie-in-the-sky propaganda.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Mila, you fellas are like head lice.
Moving from one host to the other.

Anonymous said...

The Indians have already figured, and they agree with it. Why? Because equal suffrage is right in principle, and because the time for ethnic groups to vote as a community has gone gone gone. Now lets all vote for food on the table, aconomic policies and better health care. irrespective of the ethnicity of the candidates. So go figure Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon. (Food & health care).

Couldn't agree more - but equal suffrage doesn't equate into a relaxation of our sceptism towards Indian culture - values & objectives.

Did warn u.
Bainimarama's latest quote.

"I am a nationalist - Fiji for the Fijians".

Not the Taukei u should fear - we don't have or desire guns.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mila - are you happy now that you kept digging on your "ANZ hypocrisy" angle?


This is a good example to you FMF media cell guys of why you should never to ask a question that you don't already know the answer to.

Truth hurts. eh?

Anonymous said...

Sada very quiet all of a sudden too, I notice!

Anonymous said...

Who cares whether Reddy lost his NZ/PR or not. If it did Reddy & interim regime are the bigger losers & so should they for what they are putting Fiji citizens through.

Its crunch time now as we have had three years of bullcrap from FB & his regime. Theres nothing to show for. At the very least, NZ & Aussies are doing the honourable thing by putting the pressure on. Way to go!! More international pressures are needed & evidence of these are in the pipeline.

So time to make an EXIT FB & cronies & make way for Fiji People to elect their Political Leaders.