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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fiji celebrates 39 years of Independence

Today marks Fiji's 39th anniversary of Independence from Great Britain.

On 10th October 1970, Prince Charles handed over the Instruments of Independence to Fiji's first Prime Minister Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara at Albert Park, Suva.

History shows that the struggle for Fiji's Independence started more than a decade before 1970, led by A D Patel who formed the country's first political organisation the National Federation Party.

NFP's main objective was to ensure Independence and save cane farmers from the shackles of the Colonial Sugar Refining Company.

While Patel died in October 1969, his vision of an Independent nation was realised a year later.

For 17 years, Fiji experienced an atmosphere of calm, peace, progress and prosperity, until May 14 1987 when Sitiveni Rabuka let the coup genie out of the bottle.

Since then Fiji has become a Republic and experienced four coups in 20 years, the latest in December 2006 led by army commander Frank Bainimarama, who now leads the country as interim prime minister.

Under the rule of Bainimarama, Fiji's does not have a Constitution and is being ruled by Decrees.

Fiji, which as described by the late Pope John Paul II in 1986 as the way the world should be, will be ruled by Frank Bainimarama's interim regime until elections in 2014.


kiti said...

Oh for heaven's sakes, dialogue honestly with Bainimarama, without hostility or pre-judgment, and bring us back a constitution, the rule of law and a sustainable democracy.

Anonymous said...

Flip side of A D Patel.

Lets get this man in perspective.

This is a person who at the hight of the Japanese threat pursuaded Indians not to fight in defense of Fiji and organised a strike.

Sorry that this may be be unpalatable in some quarters but these are well documented historical facts that still pose unanswered questions towards future Indian claims in (over)Fiji?

Liu Muri said...

You talk about history. What history? Who writes history? History is written by victors, never by losers, certainly not by coolies, hence they could never tell you that the reason why they did not go to the war. Among others, this was in protest against the fact that a white man’s life was equal to a black man's life. To some extent it was because of pay differentials of black and white. The other reason is those who were useless and doing nothing were recruited for war ( natives), those who were productive on land ( girmitiya farmers) were required to fight the economic war for Fiji, so that when the soldiers returned from the war, Fiji’s economy remained robust.

What history? We learnt about prowess of white men's feats in conquering the world, we learnt in schools about the failure of natives to be able to work in sugar plantations, hence they needed to get Indian labourers. That is all the history tells you. The British and Australian convicts who were running the then Fiji government and CSR Company stole Indo Fijian history. They failed to tell about the suffering that Rajendra Prasad tells in his "Tears in Paradise" The misfortune of Fiji is that the indigenous Fijians like the previous writer do not know the history of Girmit and how Indians were sacrificed so that Fijians way of life could be preserved.. What Fiji's history fails to tell is that Indians were surrogates to suffering of natives that indigenous people of other countries like USA and Australia went through.

Anonymous said...

@ Liu Miri.

Viti's history is not as you imply an Indian saga - furthermore as you incorrectly inferred - Girmits are not and never will be the indigenous people (owners) of these Islands.

Girmits were not coherced into leaving India - they came voluntarily and when repariation was offered chose to stay.
Your suggestion that by 'not fighting' the Girmits somehow saved Fiji's economy is a sad reflection on both your own & the intelligence of your people.

I'm constantly amazed that when the Taukei talk in defence of their rights (ownership of land & recources)you accuse us of racism? A subject you by your very use of 'colours' & derogatory terms such as 'natives'in describing people you seem very apt at.

Indian settlement (colonisation)of Viti has always had one primary objective - domination.
You are - & always will be - considered merely visitors in these Islands - please ensure you never become 'unwelcome' ones.

Navosavakadua said...

Did anyone hear what our tin-pot dictator had to say to
mark our national day?

The dumb dictator said we need to "work smart". This must be the ultimate indignity to be inflicted on our long suffering people. What's smart about anything he's done? The economy is a smoking ruins. He's sacked half the ministers he started with and that's made absolutely no difference.

For those who didn't tune to Radio Fiji to see it on the web page, this is what the clown prince actually said.

"If we want to create a better country for ourselves we all need to work harder - and smart - think outside the box and make positive paradigm shift. We need to find suitable solutions together to our deep-rooted problems."

Can anyone imagine Ratu Mara making a speech with such meaningless gibberish comments on our national day?

Anonymous said...

@ Navosavakadua.

What did you expect from a meaningless gibberish man?

Right about our problems though - we're well and truly 'rooted'.

Anonymous said...

@Liu Muri.

So where out thou?

Your silence on past & present attempts of Indian colonisation of these Islands & the Taukei is deafening.

Anonymous said...

stop kidding man. What independence? Highly corrupt regime. They have robbed Fiji Get real. Big thiefs

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