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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fiji TV operations uninterrupted

Contrary to a report on Raw Fiji News, the premises of Fiji Television have not been raided by either the military or police in the past two days.

It was reported that soldiers had raided the premises to confiscate a documentleaked to Fiji TV on Tuesday.

Our sources have confirmed that no such raid ever took place. Operations at Fiji TV have been normal the last few days.


Liu Muri said...

If Raw Fiji is an example of journalism displayed by raw Fiji journalists with an agenda, then how can you blame Bainimarama for treating them the way he has done recently. While I have all the respect for freedom of speech and media, it should never be a refuge for rogue journalists with no conscience and objective of misinforming the public. They deserve the kick they are getting.

Anonymous said...

"then how can you blame Bainimarama
for treating them the way he has done"?

You can't be serious? Talk about putting the Cart before the Horse.

This situation only occured because this delusional self serving tin pot dictator & friends forcibly removed a democraticly elected goverment.

You claim a respect of freedom yet you like to see people kicked when they make mistakes?

Liu Muri - get a brain - then get a life.

siti said...

Whats the issue? Bainimarama's conduct or Raw Fiji's? All journalists surely have a duty to correct any mistakes in publishing, even if the victim is "illegal"? Or do we forget all our ethics just because we have a political dislike for the victim of our mis-reporting? That sounds dangerously like-- we only report fairly for people we like!! Hey, the rules apply to everyone, even the people we don't like, and even if the people we don't like don't stick to the rules either!!!

Anonymous said...

@ Siti.

There is a very well defined & documented journalistic code of ethics in relationship to oppresive murdering dictatorships called The Wild Tiger Principle.

You believe that if you continually feed it it will never eat you?