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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Kiwis travel more to Fiji and Australia

New Zealanders are travelling more to Australia and Fiji but less to longer-haul destinations, according to figures by Statistics New Zealand figures.

Recent figures show 3,200 more New Zealand residents went on trips to Australia in September this year, compared to September last year, when 1,700 more went to Fiji and 700 more went to India.

New Zealanders, however, made fewer trips to the United States, France, Canada and Hong Kong.


mark manning said...

The reality is that not many people from outside or inside of Fiji, know the truth about Frank Bainimarama and his band of murderous rebels.
Nor do they care.
All Tourists want to do is, have a good time, make their money stretch further and get a bargain.
As Fiji's dollar continues to devalue, tourists have more to spend.
As Fiji's economy continues to decline, Fijians become more desperate to sell their Hotel rooms, their fish, their fruit and vegetables and their goods.
I suppose some tourists think that by going to Fiji for holidays, that they may be actually helping Fijians.
But I believe it is only prolonging their agony.
It's time for someone to expose this Regime and Frank Bainimarama for what they really are and to stop the Tourism in it's tracks.
Perhaps that would be the final nail in the coffin and bring an end to this oppressive Regime.
I'm confident that if Tourists knew Frank's reputation, that they would cancel their trips to Fiji.
So, let's see a concerted effort by Fijians outside of Fiji in lobbying the tourism industry to stop recommending Fiji as a destination, at least until Democracy is restored.

The Max said...

@ mark manning

You must really be paid to keep throwing mud at Frank Bainimarama's leadership in the hope that some will stick from the comfort of your home in Sydney huh? Who's paying you, your masters sitting in Canberra and Wellington?

I mean who else would be doing what you are doing for the whole day even when most of you write are factually wrong and and plain lying? I even saw in some of your post admitting your lack of knowledge to some of what happened in Fiji in the last 20 years.

Common please get yourself a life and stop the nonsense.

Anonymous said...

I understand that room bookings at Denarau are pretty good at the moment.

But that is a very recent phenomenon, boosted perhaps by the detour effect of the Samoan Tsunami.

The way this report is worded in Fiji's case, is a little difficult to understand though.

It seems to be saying that 1700 more went to Fiji in September last year - which if true would mean that more Kiwis are not in fact traveling to Fiji (this year).

mark manning said...

The Max
At least I am prepared to acknowledge my lack of knowledge on many events, past and present in Fiji.
But it's interesting that you should single me out for attention and I wonder if it's not because my comments are too close to the truth and sting a little !
As for getting a life, your right on that one.
Hopefully, once I'm gainfully employed again, I can take a break from blogging, though I suspect the need to continue won't be for too much longer, especially given the desperate measures Frank and Co. are taking now and the poor state of Fiji's economy.

Anonymous said...

The tourist numbers do not give any real picture of this industry's contribution to the Fiji economy. What is the size of their spending?

As Anon above stated these tourists are just coming to Fiji to get more for their dollar. And the value of this dollar has reduced drastically after the devaluation.

More tourist arrivals = less spending per head of tourist

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning, every Kiwi knows what's happening in Fiji.By coming, they're showing their disdain for their governments policy of isolating our enlightened regime.

If Frank was a genuine tyrant and Fiji really was under the boot, they wouldn't be coming, though on second thoughts perhaps they would if it was really cheap.

No, I think these figures are a dazzling vote of confidence in the new Fiji, a glorious dictatorship led by our Great Helmsman and President for Life, Josaia Voreqe B.

That's why Kiwis also go in droves to see the Great Wall of China, the spiritual home of our own Dear Leader, and another shining example of why democracy doesn't work.

Our poor cousins to the south are crying out for the kind of strong leadership we now take for granted in Fiji. And so would you if you lived in the shambles of a democracy imposed on you by the MMP electoral system.

Look at the number of weirdos in the NZ parliament. They make Frank, even on a bad day, look positively celestial.

Have you noticed how many Maori journalists have been visiting Frank of late? I'm told they're brimming with envy for all of us, regarding him as a reincarnation of Hatupatu, the greatest Maori warrior of all.

That Julian Wilcox evidently wanted to tattoo Frank's chin but he modestly declined the honour.

By way of compensation, Wilcox and his crew did get two free nights at St Giles, which as we all know, is THE place to stay in Suva.

I think all Kiwis should be encouraged to stay there, don't you?

Anonymous said...

Hey Mark M, you're being singled out for attention because you're the biggest idiot on these blogs.

No one minds your campaign for the restoration of democracy but it's your racism and blind hatred for Frank that many of us can't stand.

Always banging on about "the Indians" and insisting Frank is a murderer without producing the goods.

You've become deeply irritating and I can't help feeling that a Jobless Sydney nurse ought to have better things to do with his time. Like get a life.

Anonymous said...

@ M&M.

Always spot the Kai Dia via their personal attacks. Don't always agree with what u say or how u say it - but vinaka for your continued up front honesty & showing interest
& concern in our countries unfortunate situation. Ni moce.

mark manning said...

thanks for the support, yes work is the answer !
I don't hate Frank, only what he stands for.
As for indians, I have many Indian friends and have worked with many fine indians in the nursing profession and i often stand up for them behind closed doors, even those moslems males who won't touch female patients.
to say that i am an out and out racist, is just silly.
I am not prejudice, but have reacted to what is happening in fiji today.
the indians, it's thought, are behind this and previous coups.
sadly, it;'s now turned around and is biting everyone on the arse, even the indian farmers as they get taken to the camp and elderly men beaten by cowardly toy soldiers, all under Frank Bainimarma's command !
It is Frank who is a rasict, not me.
as for my accusations of Frank being a murderer, can you prove that he's not ?
He deliberately did the coup because he was about to be questioned and possibly even arresterd for his knowledge of or inviolvement in, the murders of the 5 C.R.W. soldiers in 2000.
Added to that saga, s the murders of 4 civilians and the torute, detention and harassment of women and men in Fiji.
anon, why don't you use your real name or are you one of the Military cowards who hides behind Frank's sulu or are you one of the Indian sympathisers ?
Perhaps you are one of Frank's henchmen, Driti maybe ?

Anonymous said...

"Some of my best friends are Indians". Come on Mark, do you know how stupid you sound?

Just like "some of my best friends are Jews", the last refuge of the racist scoundrel over the centuries.

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning, take a look at what you've written here. Quote: "As for my accusation of Frank being a murderer, can you prove that he's not?"

Can you see how crazy this is? So YOU have no evidence that Frank is a murderer but you accuse him of being one.

Then when someone says "where's the evidence? ", you acknowledge implicitly there isn't any but that's not where it rests.

You want proof that something that didn't happen didn't happen!


The Max said...

@ mark manning

Do you really know what you are talking about? So you get your facts and figures on Fiji from what you read on blogsites and online newspapers?

Do you know what a mutiny is? Were you living in Fiji in 2000 when rogue Fiji military special forces tried to murder their own Commander? In military justice, do you know the price for mutineering?

Please spare us your stupidity. We have been fooled long enough by these so-called freedom fighters like you.