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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Leweni accepts Delhi Games ban

The regime's Permanent Secretary for Information, Lieutenat-Colonel Neumi Leweni, has told Fiji Television they will have to accept the decision to ban Fiji from next year's Commonwealth Games in 2010.

The decision has been made by the Games Federation.

Fiji's non-participation at the Games will affect major sports like rugby sevens and athletics.

Following the military coups of 1987 and Fiji's expulsion from Commonwealth, Fiji missed out on two Games and regained its status as a full member at the Malaysia Games in 1998.

The Games will be held in October in New Delhi but organisers are facing heavy criticism with some people saying it doesn't look as though the venues will be ready on time.


Anonymous said...

Could hold our own 'Fiji' Games.

Wonder what events Leweni - Teleni & VB could enter?

Anonymous said...

VB is relieved because there isn't any money left in the kitty to send the athletes to Delhi anyway

mark manning said...

Slow brain perhaps !

It's very magnanimous of Monika to accept the inevitable, I mean, what choice has she got.