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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Meli Bogileka suspended

The administrator for the Nasinu Town Council Meli Bogileka has been suspended by the interim Local Government Ministry.

Sources say his suspension follows a similar action taken against the Town's CEO Satish Kumar by Bogileka on Monday.

According to sources both Kumar and Bogileka had made allegations about each other by sending complaint letters to the Ministry.

Two months ago Bogileka was arrested and charged for drink driving.

He was a former cabinet minister in Mahendra Chaudhry's government in 1999.


Anonymous said...

This suspension is as it should be. Now we need to see that corruption may take many forms. It is regrettable if this suspension leads to charges but if malfeasance has occurred, so be it.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully their working on the bottom up principle - so when can we expect the real crimminals brought to account?

Anonymous said...

if this minister is doing all the sacking/termination, then it means the previous minister was sleeping on the job! one has to be right....which one? big question?

Anonymous said...

Why was Vijendra Prakash [SA-Suva/Lami]
terminated and Meli Bogileka [SA - Nasinu] suspended? Can the Minister explain? Why the discriminative treatment?

Anonymous said...

Making way for some ex military commander to take the post.

Anonymous said...

Why was Prakash and Bogileka susspended? Welcome to authoritarian dictatorhip - Frank's new order where accountability and transparency
count for zilch. Guess what?
These people or any other people in same situation have no legal recourse - legal systems fixed too.

Anonymous said...

What was Bogileka doing at Nasinu Town Council, anyway, when he is not a resident of Nasinu. There is no guarantee that he has the interests of Nasinu at heart. Anyone serving on town councils should be a permanent resident of that town.