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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New agency to assist elderly

The interim government has endorsed the appointment of an agency to assist senior citizens in Fiji.

In a statement, the interim government said the agency will set up an Inter-Agency Working Committee on Senior Citizens comprising of both government and non-government organizations to coordinate, implement and monitor policy initiatives of Government in the area of Senior Citizens.

The interim minister for women Dr Jiko Luveni said that world-wide consciousness and commitment towards the welfare of the elderly is rapidly growing, and population aging is becoming an important item on the national agenda of many countries.

“In Fiji, while the proportion of the population of 60 years and older in Fiji, represents a smaller number compared to many developing countries, nonetheless, Fiji’s elderly population has increased over the past two decades with a further increase expected in the next 50 years.

“The UN projections for Fiji indicate that in 2025 the elderly would account for 13 per cent of the total population, and by 2050 about one in every four persons would be 60 years or older and about four per cent of the Fiji population would be 80 years or older.”

She said that this will ensure that senior citizens are given the widest possible opportunities to integrate into society and also ensure that the traditional respect and care for the elderly does not erode as a result of lack of public and government support.


Anonymous said...

More window dressing?

Hopefully new agency will give urgent priority to pensions - or rather lack of them.

Kid you not - despite constant follow ups - elderly Inlaws been waiting over 3 & a half years - inside info claims a lack of funds.

Why am I not surprised?

Anonymous said...

Wonderful - another bleary committee! To be seen as if there is action happening but nothing will happen as usual

mark manning said...

Frank will still be working in 2025, if he's not already in jail.
Everyone else, other than his hangers on, will also be over the retirement age of 55.
But with the reduction in the Civil Service, it's unlikely that any Services can be properly maintained for this new Department anyway and then there is the matter of financing it all of course !
With Fiji's economy fast running out of money and in ruin, it's likely that this announcement is simply being used as a distraction as the Regime, like a chicken with it's head cut off, thrashes around in it's final death throws.

Liu Muri said...

Well, my friend, who do you blame for the problems of poor administration and governance in Fiji? They were there long before December 2006. What were the so called democratic regimes doing? Making fat cats fatter?

A good initiative to look after the elderlies.

Again, please look at the positive side of what a military regime is doing that an elected government failed to do.

Anonymous said...

All the plans can only come to fruition if there are funds available. This regime has plundered the national coffers and no amount of planning will bring the plan for senior citizens to reality.

mark manning said...

Liu Muri
You miss the point !
It's not the role of the Military to Govern, full stop ......

Anonymous said...

One of the best things government can do is to provide some incentives (tax or discounts in purchasing prices of medication, etc) to assist citizens who look after their elderly parents or relatives.

Anonymous said...

They have already helped the elderly enough by sacking everyone over 55 out of the civil service!!

Anonymous said...

The only growth industry since the coup are working groups, consultancy to government, and planning. All pies in the sky.

Son of Fiji said...

Me thinks you've been missing the point for too long Mark - Maybe in a normal world the role of the military is not to govern... but what about when the Government can't even Govern?

Anonymous said...

@Liu Muri, Franks been in power 2 years now.
It's about time he takes it on the chin and accepts he is the one at fault and is the main cause of poverty and the countrys decline.
Whats he gonna do blame everybody else for the next 10 years.

Anonymous said...

Son of Fiji!

Easy - we vote them out!

PS - the government who "couldn't even govern" still did a better job than the current lot. They can't even think straight, and are struggling so mightily to do a job that is twice as bad as the old lot.

So by your OWN definition, the military needs to kick this government out, too. Can't wait...

siti said...

The economic problems faced by Fiji are not the fault of the current regime, but the events of 2006 have not helped because they promote insecurity in investment in Fiji and reduce comsumer confidence. Arguably though, with only 1.2 GDP since 1987, successive governments in Fiji have failed to promote economic growth, and Qarase's dipping into FNPF funds was a disaster for the country. But can we revive the economy mow? I don't see the current government adopting any remedial steps although at least our foreign reserves are up.

Anonymous said...

Siti you are so full of s#%t.
One man One vote, let have some elections and let the people speak.
Pro coup gonna lose everytime.