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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New wages council for media

The Fiji interim government has approved that the interim Minister for Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Filipe Bole establish a new Wages Council to regulate the terms and conditions of workers in the Media and Communication Industry.

It said in a statement that the decision was based on a submission by Bole.

Bole said that following a nationwide survey recently conducted by the Labour Ministry, it had been established that while majority of the workers are engaged on a five to six-days work per week and accumulate between 40 to 45 normal working hours, workers in the journalist and reporters cadre normally work for longer hours and do not receive fair wages compensation compared to workers in industries covered by the existing Wages Regulation Orders, such as workers in the Printing Trades.

“This situation is further aggravated by the fact that most of these workers in the media/communication industry are not unionized to protect them from working under duress.

“As a result, the industry has been thriving for a very long time while reporters and journalists are forced to be content with meagre wages.”

Bole said that since no adequate machinery currently exists for the effective remuneration of workers in the Media and Communication Industry, the Employment Relations Advisory Board (ERAB) met and all stakeholders unanimously agreed that a Wages Council be established to regulate the terms and conditions of employment for the Media and Communication Industry - Fiji Govt Online


Anonymous said...

Yet another Cart before the Horse.

Wages tribunal? No.
Jobs - jobs - jobs - jobs - jobs.

Liu Muri said...

What I cannot fathom is why good initiatives taken by the Interim regime is pissed upon by the people who are merely pissed off with the Military. Why cannot they look at the positive side. Those school leavers and even graduates working for media industry would tell you the type of "indenture" or neo-girmit, neo slavery they serve in the media industry, with extremely low pay, very long working hours and more often than not, idiots as your superiors who themselves did not know their jobs. The problem in Fiji media stems from there. Young untrained virgin school-leavers were made to cover crucial stories and the truth become the casulty. People with no real life experience were passed on as veteran journalists, with little , if any, formal training.
It is good initiative by the Military government to push the exploiting media industry to look after their staff. This is a job which a supposedly democratic government should have done. But in their quest to suck up to the media industry, the last government miserebly failed in this respect.

Good initiative by IG to look after those whom the media industry in Fiji do not care about - their non-unionised workers.

Hope the critics can see some positives in Fiji.

mark manning said...

More likely an attempt by the Regime to influence the media in their favour, by seeming to be a friend of reporters etc.

Liu Muri said...

Manning, the other side of the coin is, Qarase and other democratic regimes ignored the plight of media workers to be in the good books of the rich and influencial publishers and media owners. They were ignoring the plight of overworked and underpaid workers to gain favours from media bosses who are more influential than their reporters. Qarase virtually had Fiji TV and Fiji Times in his fold, and of course, no issues about the family-owned Daily Post. Of course, his friends at Vinod Patel and Fijian Holdings owned Fiji Sun. Can you see the connection and light now? Why the past regime never protected the unprotected media workers? The fat cats had their day.

Anonymous said...

What exactly is Manning trying to prove? Has he done anything for Fiji?

Sitting high and mighty in the comfort of his home in Sydney and trying to be a know everything about Fiji. Goodness gracious, this guy is shameful.

mark manning said...

A know all for Fiji !
No, it's Human Rights for all men that I'm interested in.
Frank and his supporters are the type of people that see the glass as half empty, their existence must be a sad, miserable negative one, i would hate to be married to or related to them !
What a depressing life they must have !

Anonymous said...

Suggest you pay attention to what he says - not where he lives.

Anonymous said...

@ mark manning

Explain to me what exactly is your Human Rights definition?

Anonymous said...

Taukei human rights definition.

"The right to select & reject those who govern us".

Liu Muri said...

How about if the right to select and reject those who govern are flawed, full of corruption and manupulated? This has been the case in Fiji and I fully support its amendment. End justifies the means