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Saturday, October 24, 2009

NZ grants Judge Wati visa

Fiji High Court judge Anjala Wati has been granted a three month visa to take her son to New Zealand for medical treatment.

Wati, her husband Agni Deo and 20 month old son Kartik, will leave Nadi on the 8.45am flight to Auckland tommorrow.

Doctors in Fiji diagnosed Wati's son as having a full retinal detachment which could lead to blindness if surgery is not carried out to fix it.

Wati and her family will be meeting with the specialist from Mercy Hospital in Newmarket on Tuesday.

Last week, Fiji's interim attorney general Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum accused New Zealand of interfering with the judiciary after it declined Wati's visa because she's a judge in the interim government.

But New Zealand immigration responded saying a final decision on Wati's visa had yet to be made.


Anonymous said...

Fair enough!

She ought to be able to go on humanitarian grounds, just like Khaiyum's parents.

But no other grounds, mind you - this rubbish about the alleged "independence" of the Fiji Courts is, at the bottom line, rubbish.

(To wit, you watch FICAC start "winning" a whole bunch of victories now - particularly against Frank's personal enemies - after never having won a single case or appeal in the old, real, courts.)

Anonymous said...

To all you heartless people who said the Watis should go to India, Labasa!

Let's see how you handle this. You ought to be totally madua.

The great pro-democracy defender, NZ, caves in to humanitarian considerations and common sense.

Where are you now? High and dry, like some great rusting hulk at IMEL. Vinaka, vinaka!

Anonymous said...

Anon 2

For your info it is the principle of the whole epsode not anything personal against Wati or her kid! You've missed the point totally.

The fact that Wati accepted the judicial appointment from an illegal regime is the point that was beiong questioned. If you stop personalising the issue and try and look at the facts of teh matter then you can begin to understand what we are trying to say.

Apparently you are too simple minded to understand anyway!

Anonymous said...

We should not be pointing fingers at all at anyone when it comes to talking about the life of a precious child.God bless all Fijians whoever and where ever you are.

Anonymous said...

Eggs not on our (pro democracy)face - on the NZ goverment (NZ Suva HC). Bro - you've been had BIG TIME. Hopefully you'll learn from it? Now realise what sort of deviate low lifes your dealing with?

Anonymous said...

Kick her out the moment she attends or participates in a political event

Anonymous said...

If that's not egg then it sure looks like it!

mark manning said...

What has been conveniently missed here is, the fact that Anjala was happy to support the Regime by taking an illegal oath, from an illegal Regime for an illegal posting, knowing full well that travel restrictions would subsequently apply to her as much as to the others in the Regime !
I know she didn't personally make a fuss about being denied a visa and that it was that Queen of the Pacific, Aiyarse who did !
Thankfully, and I'm sure everyone on this and other blog sites would agree, her child is receiving the treatment he deserves.
But as a parent myself, I think it's disgusting that this little boy has been used as a Political tool by Aiyarse, who is a tool himself.
I wouldn't be surprised if Anjala has been quite embarrassed by the whole affair.
But it remains her own fault for being greedy and arrogant enough to accept an illegal posting in the 1st. place.
Hopefully, this will make her reconsider her obligations to Frank and Co. and wake up to the realisation that she is not untouchable or beyond the Law herself.
Does she realise that she is a High Court Judge, in name only ?

Anonymous said...

Go check - she's on $120.000 + .
Anybody serious about a childs welfare wouldn't have gone public -wouldn't have had time or inclination - would have been on the first plane out - obviously got the money. Piper played the tune - she danced. Dead set set up.

Anonymous said...

You so called pro democracy types have a fatal flaw.

It's all about the "principle" not how that "principle" affects ordinary people.

To use a 20 month old child as a battering ram in your increasingly barren crusade shows how out of touch you are with mainstream sentiment in Fiji.

Even the Kiwis recognised that their initial instinct to ban the Watis was morally untenable.

Most Fiji people wish the family well in their efforts to save the sight of their young son.

And to paraphrase a famous biblical quote, some of the more self righteous contributors to these columns need time out to reflect on the planks lodged in their own eyes.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10:46

You pro-coup types have a fatal flaw, too!

You support Frank's blatant lies and horrendously expensive mistakes without batting an eyelid!

You don't care a lick about the thousands of young children whose lives and health and future has been seriously damaged by Frank's valueless coup.

People may have made harsh judgements on Wati's situation that they might later regret.

But the point is that nobody would be making statements like that if Fiji was still being run democratically, and people were allowed to have their say in its governance.

It is Frank that put Wati in that situation, and it is Frank who has caused the public bitterness behind the anti-Wati comments.

So no Frank, stuff-up, no bitterness, no problem, and nothing for you to gripe about!

Anonymous said...

@ Anon - get your facts straight.
Pro democracy didn't use a child as a 'battering ram' as you claim -
they (regime) did.

AG via the help of one of his well paid supporters (Wati) were the ones who raised this issue.

This was nothing more than a cheap shot against the NZ goverment - one that will ultimately backfire -check carefully? What was the main issue? The child or the "publicy" about the visa?

mark manning said...

I stiil don't get how Frank and Co. can demand of the Democratically Elected Governments, that which they themselves have denied many in Fiji.

mark manning said...

I stiil don't get how Frank and Co. can demand of the Democratically Elected Governments, that which they themselves have denied many in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

My, my, aren't some of these pro-democracy crusaders sensitive types?

One broadside and they're all at sea, clinging to the wreckage of their arguments like drunken sailors.

Or more likely scented tarts after a big night out at Traps (legal and human rights bores ) or Birdland (SDL harpies and Naitasiri nasties).

Lais, Lais and more Lais. He ain't coming back so get used to it.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 12:48

You guys also said that Mahen Chaudhry wouldn't come back in 2000 - but look what happened.

A week is a long time in politics, so the concept of forever is completely out of the question.

Moreover, you can't make any promises about forever, because as soon as you guys get someone intelligent and honorable and honest in command, that will be the end of all the pointless problems you are causing to our nation!