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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

NZ High Comm responds to visa claim

The New Zealand High Commission in Suva says while it is not New Zealand's practice to comment on individual immigration cases, it wishes to clarify the debacle over High Court judge Anjala Wati's visa application.

In a statement it said:
  • a visa has not been denied, the application is still being assessed;

    •  there was no suggestion made at the time of enquiries that immediate travel was required to prevent loss of sight in one eye, but if such information is available it should be provided to the New Zealand Immigration Office;
    •  although New Zealand maintains travel restrictions against certain persons following the coup in December 2006, New Zealand has always consistently shown flexibility where humanitarian, medical or compassionate grounds have been substantiated.


    Anonymous said...

    After carefully reading article - now convinced more than ever this is (was) a setup.

    Anonymous said...

    Big deal! New Zealand's comment is insufficient - by a long stretch. This policy with regard to the issuing of visas has reached its "sell by date". It is quite ridiculous, offensive and counter-productive to any holistic, regional co-operation or development. Individually, it is insulting, inhumane (often - despite protestations). All travel within the South Pacific Region indeed the Asia/Pacific region should be capacitised electronically. If the EU can do it, then so can the Asia/Pacific region. Where is the will? For that is all it takes. Come up with your excuses and exceptions. It will be fascinating to see what they are.

    Liu Muri said...

    Somebody is obviously lying and it is upon the media to show who the real culprit is- is it Wati or is it NZ High Commission which got a cold feet after adverse publicity. I doubt it is Wati, because if the visa was in progress, why would she jeopardise it by lying? Simple logic.

    Anonymous said...

    Why bother explaining!
    Visa denied. Case closed

    Anonymous said...

    Simply illogical logic.

    If the childs case is as urgent as the mother is claiming why is she still in Fiji - not in India?

    Why did the mother seek Sayed Khaiyum's help in publicizing her plight?

    Serious as it may be - this is not a life threatening situation?

    Looks increasingly like a well conceived plan to embarrass the NZ
    Gov - take the spotlight off themselves.

    Anonymous said...

    that kid is just another styatistic. we are fed up of people wanting to tell other people what to do. simple logic. nz belongs to nz. they decide who goes there and who does not. same for fiji.

    whether you are a judge or pauper. case should be the same. irrespective of whose kid.period.

    mark manning said...

    As we all guessed when Aiyaz opened his stupid mouth the other day !

    The idiot has got it wrong again and probably only spoke because Frank wanted to see his pursed lips moving again.

    What a turn on it must have been for Frank !

    As I said the other day, I doubt that the New Zealand or Australian Governments would deny anyone entry on Humanitarian grounds and now it seems that the questionably bright Anjala Wati, can't even fill out a visa application properly !

    So what hope has she got of defending the Law ?

    Anonymous said...

    The New Zealanders are lying. I heard they rang up the judge to apologise to her today. A bit late in the day.

    The Max said...

    So much for big brother attitude, New Zealand Immigration got caught with their pants down on this latest saga.

    Anonymous said...

    Let her go to India, this is politics and if she now goes to NZ it will be like some kind of victory to the Pigs in office.

    Anonymous said...

    Sachhin Chaudhary made it to NZ for heart treatment in 2007 so there is compassion on the part of the NZHC. There is probably no urgency in Wati's child's case.

    Anonymous said...

    Wame says..
    Annonymous, it seems like you are a stupid person, wasting spaces in the media by your unthinking comments. As Vore said, "This is our sovereignity, and NOBODY, dictates what they want to us. Isn't funny, what goes around, comes around, and BANG!
    Moce Jo.

    Anonymous said...

    The fact that so many people on this site say a Fiji citizen of Indian descent "should go to India" shows how deeply ingrained racism is in our homeland.

    Anjala Wati is no more Indian than I am. She might speak Hindi but Fiji is her home.

    We all speak English. Does that makes us English?
    We all enjoy a roti parcel from time to time. Does that make the rest of us Indian?

    Grow up Fiji and join the real world.

    mark manning said...

    If people on this and other sites are mentioning Indians, it's probably in the belief that many behind the scenes involved in this coup, as previous ones, are Indian, from India.
    I've always thought of Indians born in Fiji as Fijian.
    It doesn't matter really, because there are Fijians of Indigenous decent and Indian decent who have also aligned themselves with their Regime of Frank Bainimarama's, as much as non Fijian Indians from India !
    So please stop carrying on about racism, we are all the same race !

    Anonymous said...


    We have joined the real world and have no desire of going down the same path of other threatened and displaced indigenous people.

    Cuckoos born in Blackbirds nests
    does not make them Blackbirds.

    Anonymous said...

    @ M&M.

    Same race - but not the same culture and values.

    Notice that whenever the indigenous Taukei attempts to defend itself its instantly labeled racist? Yet when predatory Indians assert themselves its done so under the guise of democracy & equality?
    Nothing against Indians or their culture - but the simple fact is this is not & never will be - India.

    Anonymous said...

    Mark Manning, this latest justification for your racist comments really takes the keke.

    You were "talking about Indians from India", not "indians from Fiji" who you regard as "Fijians".

    A verbal three quarter turn with pike if ever there was one.

    I see you're looking for a job. It's a shame contortionists aren't in more demand.

    Anonymous said...

    Hey Blackbird, who's really Cuckoo here?

    Indigenous Fijians among the threatened and dispossessed? Give me a break.

    With more than 80 per cent of the country's land, the only thing indigenous Fijians like you aren't well endowed with is grey matter.

    Anonymous said...

    Blackbird, what if the "Cuckoo" countries of Oz, NZ, US, UK etc told you Fiji "Blackbirds" that even though you were born there, you didn't really belong? Boy, what a squawk there'd be!

    Fiji born is Fijian in my book, just like Aussie born is Australian and US born is American. Have your subgroups if you like, such as indigenous Fijian or indigenous Australian, but in this day and age, we ought to be one.

    Perhaps Fiji should follow Australia's lead in giving indigenous people the special status of First Australians. Most indigenous Australians seem to prefer the title to aboriginal or indigenous.

    If you're First Fijians, it stands to reason the rest of us came later. And as First Fijians, you have a special place, it's acknowledged in every sense but we're still all Fijians in that we belong to Fiji and are working together to build one nation.

    Not such a cuckoo idea but guess the more rabid Blackbirds will squawk loudly about this too.

    Let's face it, they don't want to share their nests with anyone. The tragedy of the First Fijians is that the more they want to go it alone in an interdependent world, the more they sow the seeds of their own eventual destruction.

    No man is an island, said the poet John Donne. But First Fijians like Blackbird seem to want to sit on all 320 of theirs and kick everyone else off.

    Anonymous said...

    To Mark Manning and all you other pro-Kiwi, anti "Indian" losers:

    So the Kiwis buckled and the Watis got their visa. Fat lot of good your hysterical cheerleading did!

    Breakfast this morning is especially enjoyable when the egg is all over your faces.

    Anonymous said...

    Anon @ 6:24!

    In point of fact, logical and ethical contortionists are in big demand - to be spokespeople and policy-makers for Frank's Regime.

    You just look at all the charred and twisted wreckage of their policy outcomes, and their ass-backwards explanations of why a couple of pieces of non-negative news can somehow redeem and overshadow a whole deluge of disastrous developments.

    Anonymous said...

    Difference between Viti & those countries mentioned is assimilation - acceptance + none of those socities possess an overwhelming roost of Cuckoos who vote as a racial block in order to solidify - takeover - their host country - as in 99. As for 320 comment? Check how many of these currently deny permanent Indian settlement? Get you started - Rotumah - Lau etc etc.
    Don't you worry about Taukei cultural developement - suggest you get your own in order first.

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