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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Parmesh Chand loses sugar portfolio

One of Frank Bainimarama's most trusted civil servant after the military coup of December 2006 looks to be losing his power and influence in the regime.

Parmesh Chand was transferred in April from the interim Prime Minister's Office to become the Permanent Secretary for Public Service Commission and look after the sugar industy, but he's now lost his sugar duties.

Bainimarama is the interim sugar minister.

Fiji Television has reported that the decision to relieve Chand of the sugar portfolio was made to allow him to concentrate on PSC.

But Coupfourpointfive has been told the decision is a slap on the face for Chand, and comes close on the heel of rejections of recent proposals to revive the suar industry.

We've been told the decision to shift the sugar portfolio back to Bainimarama's office was decided when the PM, Reserve Bank Governor Sada Reddy and Permanent Secretary for Finance, John Prasad, were away in Istanbul, Turkey attending the International Monetary Fund meeting.

Sources say Bainimarama was convinced by Prasad and Reddy to relieve Chand of the sugar responsibility.

Chand's contract as Permanent Secretary ends in six months and it will be interesting to see if it's renewed since it appears his services are no longer in demand.


Anonymous said...

Chand is a pretty solid technocrat and administrator!

But then there's the very poor judgement that he has shown hitherto on all things coup-related.

So in that regard his credentials seem rather underwhelming for what would now have to be a miracle to revive the Fiji Sugar Industry.

Meanwhile, the Military Council will sooner or later have to start taking stock of the equally underwhelming returns of all Frank's musical chairs. This has essentially been going on since 2008 - without anything to show for it. Sooner or later, that process will have to reach Cabinet again. Then Frank's inner circle. Then Frank himself!

mark manning said...

How sweet it is !

Anonymous said...

What annon is suggesting is outragous - VB take personal responsibility - be held accountable for what's going on?

Shuffling chairs? Ship commander?
Slowly sinking passenger laden vessel? Gee - reminds of something?

Anonymous said...

Storyline for follow up!

Regime pushing ahead with "National University of Fiji" initiative despite already having been told that all institutions currently receiving Aus and NZ Aid will lose same if brought under that umbrella...

ula said...

I am only surprised that it took so long for the Parmesh sun to set. Haven't they worked out yet that Parmesh is the biggest source of information about the government, to the diplomatic corps? He has been selling out Frank for two years! Bon voyage Parmesh. Now you will get a plush job in the Forum, or in RAMSI as reward for services rendered!

Anonymous said...

In 1999 a politician for very obvious purpose's removed the free market checks & balances and controls and placed under state control an industry that had been uptil then a reasonaly sucessful enterprise & a very big employer.

Find it ironic that this stupid and self serving action now poised to bite Chaudhry on the backside - big time.