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Saturday, October 17, 2009

PNG leader calls for lenience towards Fiji

The Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, Sir Michael Somare, has called on Pacific Islands Forum countries – particularly Australia and New Zealand – to treat Fiji more leniently.

Sir Michael, speaking to the media in the Solomon Islands at the conclusion of a three-day visit, said Fiji needed time to get out of its political mayhem.

He said the meaning of military dictatorship In the Pacific was different from the definition of military dictatorship in the Western world.

Sir Michael felt that although Fiji had been expelled from the Forum and Commonwealth, it was heartening that Australia said it was prepared to welcome back the Fiji high commissioner in Australia.

He noted that even the United States President, Barack Obama congratulated Fiji’s interim Prime Minister, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, during Fiji’s independence anniversary last week.

Sir Michael said the United Nations, European Union and International Monetary Fund would be visiting Fiji in the coming weeks to reestablish their ties with Fiji, while Chinese and Japanese aid assistance was continuing as normal.

He claimed everything in Fiji was slowly returning to normal with the economy picking up again and foreign reserves up dramatically, but Fiji still faced pressure to return to democracy
- Radio NZ International/Pacific Media Watch


mark manning said...

somare has just opened the door for a coup d'etat in Papua New Guinea by supporting one in Fiji.
Not a very smart statesman at all.

Anonymous said...

Somare you just mind your own business! You do not even understand the first thing about what the people of Fiji feel and think.

You assume that the people support Frank and his dictatorship. What utter rubbish! Go and look after the people of PNG and try to improve their standard of living and don't poke that big nose of yours in our affairs.

Anonymous said...

Michael Somare's plug was done to curry favour with the Regime in view of the proposed BSP buyout of Colonial Fiji.

That is national interest politics, and we should not be surprised when some act on that rather than on principle. It would not have been the first time, and won't be the last, either.

But by the same token, Somare and Bainimarama need to understand that international sanctions against the Fiji Regime are also light and unburdensome.

Not one of them is economically punitive in nature. And not one has had a greater effect on Fiji than the Regime's own strategic and administrative bungling.

All they do in effect, is to not recognize illegality. This is little more than anyone could expect. The last thing any self-respecting nation would want is to get caught out falling for poorly fabricated lies - or aiding and abetting traitors to get away with treason.

So what is the big deal that Somare and Bainimarama are whining about?

International sanctions are not harsh. And sovereign nations cannot be expected to embarrass themselves, or risk their own interests, by supporting dishonesty and stupidity.