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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Police crusade abandoned for roadshow

The Fiji Police Force has abandoned its week long Christian crusade planned for this week in favour of what it calls a road show.

The road show is being led by the police force and not the new Methodist Church and there's conflicting statements being made by police spokeswoman Ema Mua about why this is the case.

Previously all the police crusades were led by the New Methodist Church but Ema Mua told the Fiji Times the crusade had to be called off because a majority of police officers did not support it.

But she later told Radio Legend that she was misquoted.

The cancellation of the crusade is a huge setback on earlier claims and proclamation by police commissioner Esala Teleni that the Jesus strategy was being adopted to eradicate crime.


Anonymous said...

Still led of the Spirit team Teleni I heard that God is a God of order not disorder and wonder whose voice they hear

Anonymous said...

While everyone in Sukuna Park rushed for safety during yesterdays Tsuami alert - apparently Police contingent carried on singing and dancing.
Thank God it was a false alarm.

Anonymous said...

What idiots! I just wished that tsunami came to take the whole dancing lot and their fat and obese Commissioner out to sea!

Anonymous said...

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