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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ram Chandar suspended

As predicted by Coupfourpointfive, the Permanent Secretary for Local Government Ram Chandar has been suspended by his interim minister Colonel Samuela Saumatua.

Chandar is believed to be a cousin of sacked Suva City Council Administrator Vijendra Prakash who was given the boot almost a month ago.

He was promoted to permanent secretary for local government from the Education Ministry and is known for giving a positive reference for sacked Suva City Council Human Resources Manager Joe Hewson despite knowing he was facing fraud charges.

Since the dissolution of the democratically elected Councils there has been two sackings and three suspensions.

Sacked are Vijendra Prakash who is also the general secretary of Sanatan Dharam Pratinidhi Sabha of Fiji and Joe Hewson.

Those suspended are Chandar, Nasinu Town Council Administrator Meli Bogileka and Town Clerk Satish Kumar. 

Sources say it is highly likely that the suspensions of Chandar and Kumar will change to termination.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like big time discrimination against Indians to me. Meli's suspension was a cover up plot. Am i surprised !!!

Fiji Democracy Now said...

Congratulations for exposing this clean-out of the so-called cleaners. You might be able to understand this picture which one of our correspondents sent us.


Anonymous said...

Good riddance, minister needs to bring some specialists to assist Fiji. We must get away from hiring misfits

Anonymous said...

This is the problem of recruiting people who are not worth their salt to be doing these jobs.

Apparently the better, qualified guys were terminated by Frank willy nilly when he came into power. Frank you must therefore suffer the consequences.

Anonymous said...

True or false?
If any of these people mentioned had been related to VB the outcome would have been a no brainer?

Anonymous said...

Always race, race and more race. Grow up Fiji!

So what if these are Indians. They can be bulamakanka as far as I'm concerned. If they're not doing their jobs properly, they should be out.

Look around at the standard of service delivery at local government level in Fiji.

It's not about money but performance and anything that instils fear among the under performers is long overdue.

Anonymous said...

Good Riddance to MR Chandar and the rest...Its about time,..people knew the impact of having to play the NEPOTISM card...its not about RACE,..but knowing the JOB and its responsibilities...