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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sayed Khaiyum to discuss Wati case with Bainimarama

Fiji's interim Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum says he will be discussing with Frank Bainimarama New Zealand immigration's move to decline High Court judge Anjala Wati's visa.

New Zealand says it is still considering whether to approve the visa and a decision has not been made.

But Sayed Khaiyum said Wati was told in an interview last week that her visa was being declined because she is a High Court judge.

Wati applied for a medical visa to in order to take her 20 month old child for an urgent eye operation to prevent the permanent loss of eyesight in one eye and claims arrangements had been made with the Auckland Starship hospital.

In a statement issued from his office today, Sayed Khaiyum claims Wati was "advised in an undignified and disrespectful manner".

"Such interference by a neighbouring State in the Fijian judiciary is unacceptable by any world standard. We have long realised of course, that protestations or claims of unending friendship and of acting only in Fiji’s best interests, by our neighbours, have been hollow and meaningless," he said.

"Though we do not accept travel bans placed upon anyone in the Cabinet, the public service or the RFMF, a distinction is always to be drawn between the executive and the judiciary and other independent institutions. These institutions are separate and are independent of the executive, and should be so respected. This is an international norm."

"How would it be viewed by the New Zealand judiciary and government if their judges were prevented by Fiji from coming here with their families on holidays? Wouldn’t such a move be seen by the New Zealand government, the judiciary and the New Zealand people as an interference with their judicial independence? Most certainly it would be," Sayed Khaiyum said.

He called on New Zealand to cease interference with Fiji's judiciary saying "such a move which victimises not only a respected judge, but also her child, is shameful and must be universally condemned".


Anonymous said...

Sorry Khaiyum! The refusal by the NZ Govt to issue the visa is within their right. You can go and "discuss"it with your boss Frank and the two of you can cry to kingdom come but it would be of no use.

It is simple-tell your Boss man to arrange for immediate general elections and you would be allowed to take your sick children to NZ or Aussie!

Anyway Frank has been visiting India regularly-why not take your children there? Period!

Anonymous said...

Are you guys for real? I never thought anyone in Fiji would be so pathetically craven as to tell someone to "go to India" when their child risks losing their sight.

You so called pro-democracy campaigners are a disgrace. Your quarrel is with Frank but you want a 20 month old baby to suffer. You've lost the plot and it's no wonder you get nowhere with your pointless ranting.

Don't you see that what you're doing is totally counterproductive and you will die without ever casting a vote in Fiji again if you don't wake up?

You can mouth off as much as you like in forums like this but while you cling to your warped priorities, the rest of Fiji gets on with life and regards you as irrelevant.

You and the Kiwis deserve each other. All told, a 100 per cent non event.

Anonymous said...

Visa declined, go to India.
whats the big deal, if Frank and Co win this they will think they are something when they are actualy not.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2

Non event indeed! Then why the emotional response from your end.

My 12 yr old niece could not be taken for cancer treatment to NZ because her father lost his job as a result of the coup and therefore his medical insurance no longer applies. We accept our fate.

The government is making commotion only for coup supporters???? She is lucky India is available for her.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 2

You must face reality. NZ has set its policy and no Tom, Dick, Harry, or Khaiyum can change it. We should respect what NZ has decided. I is their country! Period!

It is exactly the same scenario when Frank demanded that NZ and Australia stop interfering with Fiji's affairs!

Whether it is a baby whose life is at risk or an adult, that is the reality of the matter!

Anonymous said...

Anon #2!

Well you must be just as craven as the rest of us then, since you will also not do what YOU need to (ie. back down from your ridiculous and cynical 2014 election timeline), to get Anjala's baby treated in NZ.

Furthermore, if you want to spout off about warped priorities, then you need look no further than the Regime's Roadmap!

Turning the whole country and economy upside down, putting thousands and thousands of people into poverty, and putting the lives of coup-supporters children at risk for what?

For a reform program that is about as blah and vanilla and nondescript as can be, and which can't even describe or quantify how bad the alleged problem is that it is supposed to address.

Yes - we will mouth off about that. Just like we would mouth off about any Government that makes bad or silly decisions. The only difference is that is a democracy, we would be doing it openly in the media. But as long as you keep your ridiculous PER in place, then we'll just have to do it here.

Anonymous said...

I'm very sorry about your 12 year old niece. She doesn't deserve her fate either.

When kids are the innocent victims of these grown-up political squabbles, we should all be ashamed of ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Big deal aiyum. Now yhe wants to rant about judiciary standards. What standard is he talking about? Fiji does not have any independent judiciary as should the case be. Just because he holds illegal ag he thinks he s it. His head needs to roll.

The bit about the sick child-surely parents should have known the repurcusion before signing up as 'yours truly' to this ig regime. So much for testing the waters so that you have something to hold against NZ!! Stop ranting & fly someone over to Fiji if you really care to attend to this child.

mark manning said...

Anyone who has aligned themselves with this Regime, must have known the restrictions that were in place from the beginning, so to now turn around and start complaining of those very same restrictions, just doesn't make sense.
How arrogant this young woman is to expect special treatment, and as a supposedly intelligent person, she must have realised that she and her family would face those very same restrictions as everyone else in the Regime.
Is this just another example of the Indian arrogance and their ability to dismiss everybody as they see fit ?
I still think that Aiyaz is simply postulating to impress Frank Bainimarama, it's as if they have a secret bond !
Frank and Aiyarse remind me of the sadist and the masochist !
I've yet to work out who is which though !

Anonymous said...

Kaila!! had to do this MM. You have hit the nail on the head there. Its just so sleazy that Aiyaz has to make an issue of it. It almost looks like a 'frame-up'.

If I may go back time to 1987 coup 'the same elements' sought refugee status in all forms & sizes & were granted.

Now this case, no matter how genuine it may look, I can just say..."I smell de rat!!"

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning, I'm sick and tired of your twisted racism.

"Just another example of Indian arrogance", you say. Yet another case of racial stereotyping by the ever frothing mouth from the south.

What is wrong with you? Why your hatred of "the Indians"? A bad experience at the local takeaway in whatever miserable Sydney suburb you inhabit?

Maybe you share the predilection of many of your fellow Aussies for bashing "curry munchers". Whatever the explanation, you've got one big papadum on your shoulders that's for sure.

On second thoughts, mate, keep it up. The more racial supremacists like you masquerade as pro democracy campaigners the more likely everyone will eventually wake up to your real agenda.

If the dictator Frank manages to get his own thousand year reich, it'll be thanks to you and your cohorts in the SDL. A squad of mindless brown shirts with one loud mouthed white man trying desperately to blend in.

Anonymous said...

Frank gets his pace maker batteries changed in India, why can't Wati take her child there. Is it beneath her to go to her motherland.

kiti said...

Actually I enjoy the racial slurs on this blog site, because it exposes the so-called pro-democracy movement as a raclally motivated hate- inspired nationalism. A real Medusa wrapped up in deceptive "democratic" glossy paper.

Anonymous said...

Just because MM speaks his mind about Fiji situation does not make him one that dislikes those that are of Fiji Indian origin.The stinginess of that 'Chilli flavour' just reeks each time this person speaks, excerpts refereed to below.

Anyone in their right frame of mind can read between the lines. Each enthnic groups have their weakness & strenghths. We can only draw a fine line of a thing called 'respect'then Fiji will be a better place.

Sadly, some elements that rips the day light out of any Indigenous Fijians as in the case, quoted here are just as bad,

"...thanks to you and your cohorts in the SDL. A squad of mindless brown shirts with one loud mouthed white man trying desperately to blend in" unquote.

As the sying goes, "it takes two to tango!!"