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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fiji banned but hope for athletes

The Executive Board of the Commonwealth Games Federation has confirmed that, consequent on Fiji’s suspension from the Commonwealth, the Fiji Commonwealth Games Association’s membership of the CGF has also been suspended.

CGF President, Michael Fennell, reported to the CGF General Assembly in Delhi today on the process that lead to the decision.

“Fiji’s Commonwealth status was fully suspended on September 1 by the Commonwealth’s Ministerial Action Group and, therefore, it does not meet our own constitutional requirements for membership.

“However, the CGF Executive Board, and all members of the General Assembly, had great sympathy for the plight of the Fijian athletes who are aspiring to compete in Delhi," Fennell said.

"Hence the General Assembly has endorsed my proposal to lead a delegation to the Commonwealth Secretary General, requesting him to take forward to the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting a recommendation from us that sport be removed as part of the sanction imposed upon a nation suspended from the Commonwealth.

“This would provide an opportunity for the athletes of Fiji to participate in the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games.”


Anonymous said...

Its official - Fiji barred from Comm Games - nice one Frank.

mark manning said...

Like a game of Chess, I have made my move and asked the Secretary General, not to lift the ban on sports on suspended Commonwealth Members.
A clear message has to be sent, no more coups !

Anonymous said...

@ M&M.

Thank you Mark for spareing us the b.....t & humilation of yet another 7's disaster.

Thakur Ranjit Singh said...

Who is responsible for deterioration of situation in Fiji? It is directly the non-appreciative foreign policies of Australia and New Zealand which continue to act as bullies and kick Fiji in the teeth. The white mainstream media in NZ appears to determine the foreign policy for National who sings the tunes of The Dominion and New Zealand Herald.
In fact, that is what MC Cully will be singing in Britain, while more despotic African and Asian regimes with an election but atrocious social justice and human rights will be playing in New Delhi's games while the poor souls in Fiji, many third and fourth generation Indians, will miss the opportunity to participate in the country of their forbears. The Commonwealth Games Committee had requested for Fiji to play, but the Commonwealth Secretariat denied them this opportunity
Who say colonialism is over? It always crops up in different shapes and forms, and the Neo-Colonist attitude of Australia (Rudd) and New Zealand (Key) is just one of such means of controlling the natives and coolies in lesser developed smaller economies while they are prepared to sleep with bigger economies with more shocking records and history than Fiji.
Isn’t it a joke on international sports when you can have Olympics in China (ha ha ha) but Fijians cannot play in the 2010 Commonwealth games because they have been naughty. Compared to what happens in China on a daily basis, Fiji’s situation is like a Sunday school picnic. This joke will further erode the respectability for the supposedly respectable Commonwealth.

Anonymous said...

We will do likewise Mark Manning. At the very least, FB & his regime will start to loose their credibility with those that are sitting on the fence.

Anonymous said...

To all Coup Apologist,
'How's the comment below by Raw Fiji as a starter towards bring Fiji back to Normalcy & Sensibilities!!!"

read more..

Frank Bainimarama’s military government cheque dishonored
October 13, 2009
We can confirm that Frank’s military government cheque has been dishonored with insufficient funds in the account to cover the cheque amount paid out to a pro-coup beneficiary, LOTUS Garments.

This information is said to have been leaked by team Padam Lala themselves, owners of LOTUS Garments, after their repeated efforts to get repaid for the bounced cheque proved to be unsuccessful.

Sources report that the dishonored amount is around $1.5million.

Anonymous said...

@ Fiji Truth (Na Dina)

You must be delusional to think FB and his government will lose credibility. Getting banned from the Commonwealth Games is a blessing for Fiji. The Games has no real worthy to Fiji anyway.

The only people who get orgasmic to this kind of news is you and Mark Manning. The rest of Fiji just move on to 2014.

Anonymous said...

@ Liu Muri.

What more can be said about Indian colonial intentions in Viti after reading Thakur Ranjits Singh's diatribe about 3rd & 4th generation Indians?

Singh - people such as you - those who talk 'colours' - are full of s..t. Suggestion being - go to the games in India - & stay there.

Anonymous said...

Dream on or zzzzz to 2014...coup apologist. The clock is ticking to when 'Humpty Dumpty' will have that great fall!! Tick...tock...

Anonymous said...

@ Na Dina.

This is something I believe is just dawning on them....Time is not on their side - but it is on ours...Yeah...Tick...Tock...

Thakur Ranjit Singh said...

I almost get an orgasmic relish when I see people without names getting pissed off with my frank (pun intended) talk about colours and no-holds-barred reality that Indo Fijians have been getting from those who think they are a superiot race. There are many in Fiji who do not know the meaning of suffering because it had been my forbear girmitiyas who have been surrogates to suffering that generally is reserved for the natives during colonisation, as happened to aborogines in Australia and Red Indians in USA.

Truth hurts and absolute truth hurts absolutely. If I had my way, yes, I would go to Delhi and stay there for good, no problem, it is a nice place, I have been there before and hope to go again.

Despite so much happenings in Fiji, we still have so many who are still obsessed with racial prejudices against the people who were the reason for preservation of the Fijian way of life.

Can you frankly blame Frank for what he is doing because of and to such people?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Tell you what Singh - we'll have sole' - raise your fare back to NZ.

We have never claimed we are a superior race - nor have we ever suscribed to your long held mistaken belief that we are an inferior one.

You could learn much from us - whereas all you offer is arrogance - personal greed - racial intolerance - a caste system and how to blow up & kill defenceless female Prime Ministers.

"You" (girmits) are responsible for the preservation of the Fijian way of life? Leave it alone - wear boxing gloves - having orgasms of the wrong kind.

We are not and never will be a Indian colony - as for your comment about what Franks doing?

You are not Taukei - you are merely unwelcome colonisers in lands that are not yours - so don't ever in your wildest orgasms imagine you understand VB - who he is - where he comes from - or his future intentions towards your people? Believe us - you couldn't handle it?

Anonymous said...

Who is responsible for all this mess??? Frank Bananarama.

Anonymous said...

The views expressed here by Mr Singh are pretty much the complete opposite of what one would expect to hear in Fiji's forthcoming, magical "Peoples' Charter" new age.

One must surely get quite suspicious about Charter cheer-leading when you hear major coup-supporters like Frank touting "Fiji for Fijians", or Mr Singh saying things like this

mark manning said...

you need to get with the programme and stop whining about how racist everyone else is.

Anonymous said...

@ Fiji Truth [Na Dina]

This government is not going away. Mark my word.

Even if Bainimarama retires before 2014, someone else in the military will continue this until they achieve their goal. That much I know is the truth. There is no going back, for sure.

Dream on about your tick tock flat battery wall clock that has its date stuck somewhere back in 2006.

Anonymous said...

Oh really, since when the army were geared to take up political leadership?? Sooner or later something is going to happen & your dreams come crashing down & then what..that 'solar/digital' clock will keep up that...tick..tock...!!

Oh by the way, Bainimarama is a nobody, & he will remain a nobody. All Fiji citizens will hold him & his cronies accountable for driving Fiji to the ground. How many coup apologists or Opportunist like you have taken advantage of the fact that this 2006 coup is just another vehicle to propel your agendas & Greed!!

It is evident, that FB & band of greedy men continues to 'shift the goal post'!! International Communities with 'big cheque' books are closing their doors fast whilst little 'idiot' of a man FB is signing away dud cheques to the tune of $1.5million only TO BOUNCE BACK!! Shame Shame...oh that great reliable 'solar clock' says tick..tock....

Anonymous said...

One man one vote, pro coup gonna lose everytime and Frank knows this Liu muri knows this and you to Thakur Ranjit Singh.
Your talk is just that just talk elections will see to that.

Anonymous said...

Some people simply can't - won't - or incapable grasping something that is glaringly self evident.

"I am a nationlist - Fiji for the Fijians" VB.

1 vote 1 value.

37% V ?

Repeat - repeat - repeat - repeat!

Ruling majority of Military Council
is comprised of "etho nationlists".

Sit around a Tanoa with any of them - strip away their military facade - and you'll discover this.

siti said...

Actually what the military is doing is primarily going to be good for the taukei. That means it will be good for everyone because equality is ultimately good for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, right Siti!! Try doing some homework eh. That will surely get you upto the speed of things.

Are you in 'dream mode' or something?

Oh by the way, time to stop 'shifting the goal post' says the Taukei elders!!

Anonymous said...

Its a good for India and it can enhance the sporting skills of Youth in India to read more about this http://funnyandfunonly4youth.blogspot.com/2009/11/2010-common-wealth-game-in-india.html

Anonymous said...

Omi-gosh, have just re read comments on this posting & one thing we missed to hone in onwas what Thajur Singh seems to lament for ever & ever in his line of thinking [or rhetoric more like, here take a peek, quote, "..It is directly the non apreciative foreign policies of Aust & NZ which continue to act as bullies and kick Fiji in the teeh." unquote. Hmm TS you at it as always, 'taking a bite at the hands that feeds you!!' Why are you so restless?? Can you broaden you political analysis abit widder than yr bedroom. The outlook you seem to have is so bleak & narrow. Yes you carrying the racist Indian flag as always, why can't you carry the Fiji flag which represents more than just the Indian race in Fiji. If we are to take a dig at te two big funders in the Pacific rim which is Aussies & Kiwis, would that not entitle them to have an equal interest & sy as well as to where & how their money is spent by any illegal regime as in this case Fiji.

Listen to some previous stories of who went backdoor to these two embassies in Fiji & locked in unsuspecting staff so that their visas & residents for these two countries were granted via back alley entrance. Yes thats right, its called ' jugli murgee' at my house' added in some expensive gifts and bingo ' visas are approved'. Thats right I happen to be in one of these parties and saw for myself. So just buckle up & shut up TS. Try another tactic or more Authentic Truths will surface!!