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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Telecom terminates Johns and Lyons

Connect Fiji Limited boss Sharon Smith Johns has been terminated by Telecom Fiji Ltd.

Connect, an internet provider, is a subsidiary of Telecom Fiji Ltd (TFL).

Coupfourpointfive has been told that along with Johns, TFL's General Manager Marketing Ian Lyons has also been terminated.

According to sources, both positions are to be filled by locals as Johns and Lyons are expatriates.

Sources say that five days ago Sharon Johns went to Queen Elizabeth Barracks to meet with senior military officers to get her termination rescinded.

When Frank Bainimarama's return to the country from New York last week, TFL management visited and briefed him on the reason to remove expatriates and appoint locals.

Johns has been an active supporter of Frank Bainimarama's interim government since the December 2006 coup.

She was also appointed Chairman of Fiji Audio Visual Commission.


Anonymous said...

Stated previously - ruling military council is comprised of fervent nationalists.

Only chance these silly naive oppurtunists had of retaining these lucrative positions was if they'd been sleeping with senior officers. Least its clarified that.

Anonymous said...

naaah she's to ugly to sleep with when there are better looking kalaovos you could sleep with for $5

FijiGirl said...

Interesting that they do this the moment Vore is out of the country. The question is, did they time it to make it LOOK like it wasn't on Vore's orders?
... or ...
Is the Military Council really actually very independent of Vore?
Do we have cause for hope?
God bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

As a former employee of TFL, I've been saying time and time again that the company do not need expatriates. There are many locals who could fill these positions for TFL.

Anonymous said...

Just curious, but how do you define "an active supporter" of the coup or the interim government? From what I've seen I wouldn't have described Sharon like that at all.

Anonymous said...

Who cares if she is isn't a supporter of the government? She seems to have got the sack for incompetence like the SCC administrator. One way of looking at the situation, is that at least the interim govt will sack their own friends for incompetence/corruption/inadequecy. That's a good sign.

mark manning said...

I'm not really clued up as to who is what in Fiji, or who owes whom which favours, but I'm guessing that new appointments from within Fiji are for one of 2 reasons.
maybe the current people aren't doing what the Regime requests of them and so are expendable.
the Regime needs people who will lick it's boots, literally in Fiji, when you remember what they made females do at the camp on Christmas Eve, 2006 !

Either way, the Regime is running out of options in every facet of their treasonous actions of December the 5th. 2006.

Anonymous said...


Called guilt by association.

Anybody who goes up to QEB & talks (pleads) with senior officers definately knows what the score is - whats going on.

Lie with dogs & you get fleas.

Anonymous said...

How did she last that long?

Keep The Faith said...

Unfortunately for dear ol' Sharon she thought that by telling tales to her friends in the military council she would still be sitting pretty today.

It was a miscalculation of the highest order that not even friends like the current defacto board chair could undo.

When the military council summoned the CEO of Telecom he laid it down good & proper that it was a professional decision (not based on race) and the fact that he had to let 170 or so staff go to keep the company lean, mattered more to him.

Needless to say Bainimarama gave him his blessing to continue.

Don't let the door hit you on the way out Mz Jones -- feel free to try your con-performance routines elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

@ mark manning

I'm a former employee of TFL and as I've said above, TFL doesn't need expatriates in those positions. Put it much more clearly, TFL doesn't need expatriates at all.

For you sitting there in your Sydney home and trying to write something about Fiji when you don't know anything at all about what's happening is beyond me. What exactly are you trying to prove?

This is the problem with armchair spectator like you who didn't live in Fiji through the turmoils of the past 22 years and want to be solution experts for Fiji.

I suggest you do a thorough study on Fiji's political history, try and live in Fiji for 10 years and then comeback and comment when you've learned something. Stop confusing the already confused lot who believe you.

Anonymous said...


"TFL doesn't need expats at all".

Valid point - like your attitude.
Used too believe opposite - suffered inferior complex - then realised Kai Viti fly 747's? Operate ships - run complex business's etc. Realised we are
are no smarter or dumber than anyone else? Only thing holdings us back is ourselves. Keep it up - only thru people such as yourself
is change possible.

Anonymous said...

TFL has once again made a big mistake. Let's completely forget about race here. These were very regarded people in the business, if you ask anyone in the company working for or with Johns and Lyons, they'd say this was a loss. As it was. This is pure corruption.