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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

US report: No religious freedom in Fiji

There's been a decline in the respect of religious freedom in Fiji, according to the US State Department’s Report on International Freedom.

The report says after the abrogation of the Constitution, respect for different religions has declined, as a result of a nation-wide "Christian crusade" by the Police Commissioner Esala Teleni.

Teleni has made it mandatory that all police officers and their families are to attend these crusades, regardless of religion.

"All officers and their families are required to attend the rallies, regardless of religion. In February 2009, local media covered a tirade by the commissioner directed against senior Indo-Fijian police officers during which he accused them of being liars and backstabbers."

"The commissioner told officers to support the Christian rallies or leave the police force. The incident was caught on camera and followed anonymous complaints to journalists from within the police force about Hindu and Muslim police officers and their families being compelled to attend Christian rallies."

"There were reports of Hindu and Muslim police officers joining the commissioner's church for fear of being denied promotions or losing their jobs. The Police Force asserted the Christian crusades were highly successful, resulting in a 50 percent decrease in crime, and would continue," the report says.

To read full report - http://www.state.gov/g/drl/rls/irf/2009/127270.htm


Anonymous said...

Esala Teleni is a menace and the military council should haul him back into line.

There's no point in the regime outwardly pursuing a multiracial agenda and simultaneously allowing Teleni to force feed Hindu and Muslim police officers with his breakaway brand of Methodism.

If Fiji is to be a place where all races are respected, then it goes without saying that all religions should be respected too.

But never mind Hindus and Muslims, why should other Christian denominations have to sup from Teleni's cup? There's nothing Christian about coercion.

Teleni's brand of religion happens to be a minority cult that perplexes even the hierarchy of the mainstream Methodist Church.

For the rest of us, and especially non Christians, it's positively terrifying.

Teleni needs to be reminded of an important biblical text that reminds us of the wisdom of the separation of church and state; render to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's.

Leave the churches to be fishers of men, Commissioner, and start concentrating on what we pay you to do and that is to fish for criminals in our midst, not non believers.

Anonymous said...

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton made the constitutional right of anyone to worship freely in any religion clear yesterday: Freedom of worship and freedom to not have to worship.

This is a most self-evident principle. We are not free if we may not choose to dissent in matters of belief. Securing a crime free environment is more a matter of institutional ethics and personal moral commitment. Ethics set a higher standard than religion and ethics should be 'policed' by Codes of Conduct. That is proper governance and it also encompasses a civilised and evolved view of 'FREEDOM'. Our National Anthem praises the concept of freedom. Let us comply fully with this ethos.

Anonymous said...

Dream on Teleni! You are being cursed by your very own officers when you turn your back. You are becoming an embarrassment to the Police Force and the people of Fiji.

You claim to be the Messiah! What utter rubbish. In fact your rantings are bordering on fanaticism! Your New Methodist religion is becoming a cult!

Please God save Fiji from these fanatics.

Anonymous said...

50% decrease in crime based on who's figures - Police (Teleni's Taliban)? Should be careful with results such as this - could be transfered into banking - or sugar.

Anonymous said...

Well of course it is a decline in respect for religious freedom - not none at all.

What we need to point out is that God Himself respects religious freedom, so if He is to be our role model, then those implications are pretty clear.

If God didn't respect religious freedom, He would just manifest down here on earth right now, and "wipe out" all the false religions and false prophets (whoever they happen to be). The very fact that He hasn't done this indicates His attitude to it.

mark manning said...

Beware of false prophits :-

Liu Muri said...

Your headline about no religious freedom in Fiji is utter rubbish and nonsense. Fiji has public holiday on Diwali, Prophet Mohammed birthday and Christmas and Easter. All are free to practice their religions, so where do you get this bull about no religious freedom. My Karua tells me that his neighbouring Ramayan mandali in Lautoka Fiji sings Ramayan and drink grog till 3am, no problem, no restriction. The sounds still ring from Mosques without any restriction, so where do you get your news from? You are mischief-making if you say that what is happening for some few hundred police officers means there is no religious freedom. I cannot believe any Hindus could be coerced or threatened. Remember, India had Mogul and British Raj for some 1,000 years, yet Hinduism has remained intact, so what you saying about some crusade in Fiji? Get real

The Max said...

@ mark manning

Beware of false prophet. Good point. But for you, take the twig out of your own eye.

The Max said...

@ mark manning

Yeah, at false prophets like you.