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Monday, October 5, 2009

Workers rep missing from FNPF Board

The Fiji National Provident Fund is missing two worker representatives on its Board, almost four months after Fiji Trade Union Congress President Daniel Urai and General Secretary Felix Anthony were sacked.

Under the FNPF Act, the Board should comprise 6 members - two from the government, two representing employers and two representing employees.

At the moment, the FNPF Board is made up of the permanent secretary for Labour Taito Waqa, the new chairman and finance permanent secretary John Prasad, employer representatives Joe Rodan and Ajith Kodakoda - a Sri Lankan national.


Anonymous said...

Who needs then anyway in the board when they are made up of politicians that Frank doesn't want involved in the rebuilding of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

There is a reason for this. Govt will loot the workers' funds until there's nothing left. Why else would they not appoint the workers' rep to this important Board.

Anonymous said...

Who needs workers reps anyway when you see the damage done by Urai and Anthony already.

Their claim with other board members of almost $1,000,000 in allowances and expenses is beyond belief.

liga said...

Because anyone who accepts the job will be put on a travel ban. Duh!!

Anonymous said...

On a different subject, just goes to show how effective the bog is, just take a look at the number of hits from Fiji.

Anonymous said...

"Frank - 'rebuilding' of Fiji?".

Yeah right - judging by what Franks achieved in the short time he's been in control its gonna be a long process & take lots & lots of money - something he simply doesn't have. Running a country is nothing like running a ship.

mark manning said...

At the moment, Frank Bainimarama must feel like he's in a leaky boat !
Wait for the 1 minute 30 second mark :-

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