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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Army still wants Khaiyum out

Coupfourpointfive has been told the Military Council still wants Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum removed from his position as interim Attorney General.

The Military Council's attempts since July to have Sayed-Khaiyum sacked have been in vain because of resistance from interim Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama, who was not satisfied with the candidates proposed by top military officers as his replacement.

One of them was the Attorney-General in Mahendra Chaudhry's Labour Government, Anand Singh, who lost his job in June as a legal consultant for Fiji National Provident Fund.

But sources have confirmed the Council has once again renewed its efforts to have Sayed-Khaiyum removed.

Our sources have established that RFMF's Land Force Commander, Colonel Pita Driti, has been personally contacting prominent businessmen and other personalities in the private sector, asking them to give him evidence of any business deals or any other activity that can be classified as corrupt, that have been conducted by Sayed-Khaiyum.

Coupfourpointfive has been told Driti has been the strongest critic of Sayed-Khaiyum and his determiknation to have the interim AG sacked is a major reason why Bainimarama is sending him away from Fiji, by nominating him to lead a 200 men peacekeeping mission to the Middle East.


Anonymous said...

Always believed this cretin AG would finish up in Dubai - should be interesting?

Anonymous said...

I'm just amazed at your ability to get these brilliant scoops.

So THAT's why Pita Driti is going to Iraq! Frank is clearly hoping he'll be blown to pieces.

But you haven't answered the biggest question here.Did Driti turn up any evidence of corrupt dealings by Aiyaz?

I assume he didn't or you would have gleefully reported it.

We all know the lad has a penchant for girls with pearls or the front door key to Courts.

But bent? Where's the evidence for that?

Anonymous said...

ahhhuhhh Khaiyum's turn to have sleepless nights huh!! We did say, every do has its day. Leave now Khaiyum before its too late!!

Anonymous said...

Pita Driti is going to Iraq.

Aiyez Sayed-Khaiyum stays in Suva.

You don't need to be Einstein to work out who's in more danger.

Anonymous said...

Na Dina, you're a dope. As if.

Anonymous said...

Lol,anonymous, the truth hurts eh??? Theres a price tag on your favoured Aiyez Sayed-Khaiyum, mark my word...tick..tock...!!!

Anonymous said...

Talking Soldiers (failed ones).

Epeli Nailatakau.

Blog site Intelligentsia claims above is making moves too secure the Vunivalu title via a non Bauan FAB appointed committee. It also claims the holder of this title is the titular head of Kubuna.
Yeah right!

"The chiefs of Bau install the chief of the Yavusa Ratu clan to be their principle chief and he is the Roko Tui Bau; the high chief second in rank is the head of the Tui Kaba clan; his installation title is Vunivalu or Tui Levuka".

Kim Gravelle. A History Of Fiji.

Say Nailatakau has been spending too much time with his opposite bookend namesake and title upsurper the wannabe Tui Caucau.

Go for it you imposter & good luck - because you'll most certainly need it.

Anything they can't achieved legitimately they'll attempt to steal. Boy o boy and this mans president?

Anonymous said...

Na Lasu, is your hatred of ASK personal or what? You sound like a woman scorned.

Anonymous said...

Nailatakau is little more than a modern day Tongan imposter - Ma'Afu by another name.

This guy has a well documented history of failing at everything he's ever attempted - some of us
have no intention of him adding Vunivalu too his dismal CV.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous you really wanna have a digg, here you go as Tumeke noted re your a$$$$$qqqqar@@@@[ASK]Tumeke's blog,quote,

"This is a thug regime run by witless bullies and a treacherous, rogue Attorney-General behind the scenes conducting it all - with a Christchurch lawyer as his right-hand man. And this is all part of what they are signing off on. Arbitrary arrests, disappearances, incommunicado detention, the list goes on. --]

Anonymous said...

Oi, for a failure, Epeli has done pretty well. And been on the receiving end of a pile of veka from jealous people like you. Are you saying that just because he's a grandson of the late King of Tonga, that's some reason to exclude him from the vanua? His father was one of the best Fijians of his generation and an example to all. But of course that was in the days when we looked up to the chiefs. Now most of them are degenerate scum and especially you know who in Bau. Isa, noqu Viti lomani. Sa dredre sara ga na qauna oqo.

Anonymous said...

Nailatikau is showcasing himself as The Back Door Man along with his namesake karua. I feel sorry for the Vanua of Kubuna. He will rule Kubuna through the Backdoor, for what other door does he know.

Anonymous said...

....& yawnnnn ahhhh next!!
yes, you who said, quote, "Anonymous said...
Oi, for a failure, Epeli has done pretty well. And been on the receiving end of a pile of veka from jealous people like you.."unquote.

'Solia vei Sisa na ka sa nei Sisa vua na Kalou na ka esa nona na Kalou.'

Anonymous said...

Oi Anon!

Sorry but Epeli N has not done "pretty well".
Everything he's ever touched has turned to s**t - check his record?
Jealous? Of what? A walking talking diaster & thief too boot?
Protective of Bau?
Most definately.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, just as I suspected. The intellectual bati of Bau.

When are you dropkicks going to wake up to the fact that Apenisa and the rest of those boozing inbreds aren't worth defending?

You can't choose a Vunivalu because you can't get a skerrick of unity among you. As the old saying goes, disunity is death. And boy, is there a stench from Bau!

Never mind. Solia vei Sisa e dua tale na Vodka.

Anonymous said...

Like to remind the uninformed & sceptical that if it wasn't for Bau you'd all be speaking Tongan.

None are more vunerable than those who mistakingly believe they are in the presence of fools.

navosavakadua said...

@Anonymous (aka Koila M) the fact that he's the grandson of the King of Tonga is not an achievement. It's just one more reason why his failure to achieve is more shameful. He's had every advantage but achieved nothing from his own efforts.

But let's be fair. If he steals the title of Vunivalu it will be a first. Up to now he's had to rely on others to secure all the perks that he counts as achievements.

Hmmm, come to think of it, that sounds like a good reason why he'll fail in his bid to steal the title.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile scum Ayaz Khaiyum might just score a little space or 'qele' in Bau. Thats if the Tsunami which has been predicted to wipe Bau for good!! hmm wonder where the soon to be instal Vunivalu will move to then??

Anonymous said...

@ FT (na dina).

Accident prone Tongan blow in can join the rest of them for a 30 year sabatical in Rotumah - there they can argue over title - Lords of the Flies.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous Nov. 21, 2009 7.11pm
oops Rotumah is already overcrowded by the extra 25 plus soldiers & police that have plonked themselves there over the last few months!!

Gagaji maro says, nah no more, had enough of them, 'Sotia & ovisa' [s], & Tongans/Bauans including Judiciary team from Fiji esp Gatey, Khaiyumy & co. Better they drift elsewhere..& Kevin R may not just accept another boatload of asylum seekers!!