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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Bainimarama sends NZ and Aust reps packing

Fiji's interim prime minister Frank Bainimarama says he is booting the New Zealand and Australian High Commissioners out of Fiji.

He announced the decision at a press conference this evening.

Bainimarama says he's been forced to take the step due to the continued interference in Fiji's judiciary, which he termed as a well-planned policy to sabotage his government's efforts to build strong institutions in the country.

Todd Cleaver is NZ's acting High Commissioner to Fiji and James Batley, who is believed to be on leave in Australia, is the Australian High Commissioner.

Bainimarama has given NZ and Australia 24 hours to remove their representatives.

He said Fiji will also be recalling its High Commissioners from Australia and New Zealand.

Two weeks ago interim Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum accused NZ of interfering with the jucidiciary, claiming officialis had denied Fiji judge Anjala Wati entry to take her child for medical treatment to New Zealand.

More accusations of interference surfaced yesterday by Fiji's Chief Justice Anthony Gates.

Gates said Australia had denied Fiji's newly appointed Sri Lankan judges to transit through the country, but Australia denied the claim saying the judges withdrew their applications.


Anonymous said...

Good luck! About time and good riddance.

The Aussies say that as a matter of "courtesy", they warned the Sri Lankan judges about Australia's travel bans.

Come off it! It was a threat and something Australia would never tolerate if the boot was on the other foot.

The Aussies said yesterday Fiji was guilty of misrepresentation over what happened. Well, Frank now says one of the judges taped his conversation with the Australian official who came to see him.

We'll soon find out who is lying!

Just what Kevin Rudd and his boys need with the asylum seeker crisis getting worse by the day.

Is Frank smart enough to realise this was precisely the right time to strike?

Sai Lealea said...

This is again an expected though idiotic response from the illegal Fiji regime. What has Fiji to gain with such a move? Nothing and it could ill afford further isolation from its key neighbours. NZ and Australia must never give in to such childish intimidation by an illegal regime whose sole interest is prolonging its illegal rule to avoid fronting up in court for their illegal acts.

Anonymous said...

typical response from frank and his speechwriter aiyaz.

Frank's trying to be decisive and show the wavering footsoldiers in the rfmf how strong and committed he is to "the cause".

Never mind the "do as i say, not as i do" logic of "no army officer will benefit from the coup" (leave pay anyone??).

the mara/nailatikau/ganilau have also been warned not to grow a spine/brain just because of the presidency - ie fall in line as nailatikau has had to fall in today - if not no swearing in on thursday.

Anonymous said...

Frank, show us some pride by recalling Wati and her kid back from NZ. Show the world you don't need Australian and NZ aid

Anonymous said...

Another stpid move by a stupid person who wants to appear as a legitimate Leader! Far from it-it just shows the level of intelligence Frank and his illegal advisors have.

Stupoid! Stupid! Stupid!

The people will now suffer more just to satisfy Frank's ego and his power trip!