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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bainimarama meets with EC

Fiji's interim prime Minister Frank Bainimarama has met representatives from the European Commission in Brussels.

During his meeting he told the EC reps that his regime is committed to:
- upholding the rule of law
- strengthening the judiciary
- respecting human rights and democratic principles

In a statement, Bainimarama described the meeting as fruitful and constructive.

"Government believes that this informal meeting can now be taken to another level leading to the resumption of formal “consultations”, an objective of which is to review the Agreement signed in October 2007 between the European Union and Fiji on the political situation in Fiji."

Bainimarama briefed officials from the EC on the programs of institutional, judicial, constitutional and electoral reforms that are in place to begin in 2010 and in subsequent years and the reasons necessitating these reforms.

"The EC acknowledged the immense spectrum of work to be undertaken by the Government in the areas of reforms itemized above and look forward to the resumption of the consultation process to discuss and identify where and how it can constructively engage in the reform agenda highlighted by Government in the next five years," he said in a statement.

According to the statement, the two sides also discussed issues pertaining to the Strategic Framework for Change, the National Dialogue Forum and the Public Emergency Regulation.

Read full Decree - http://www.mediafire.com/?yzjhfmm0i5w


mark manning said...

So what about the comments he made to the troops in fijian about the 2014 election date can be changed etc ?

Anonymous said...

Of course it can be changed but isn't that the whole point? It's about holding him to his repeated promises that the election WILL be held. Sitting on the sidelines hurling rocks at him isn't going to help. Getting into his ear just might. What else can you pro-democracy types do now? All your ranting and raving hasn't mattered a jot.

Anonymous said...

Never been described as a pro democracy 'type' before - wonder what it means?
1. Continually holding accountable a group of self serving thieves & oppurtunists?
2. Having enough knowledge of history too know that military dictatorships ruling civilian populations in peacetime situations
don't & never will work?
3. Forever wondering how different things might be now if these thieves hadn't stolen the country?
4. Really really concerned about the direction Viti is currently heading - & where it's leading?
5. Really really pissed off with people who claim non violent protesting against things (injustices) that are patently obvious won't change anything?

One thing we do have & they don't is time - tick tock tick tock...

Anonymous said...

How do you negotiate with someone
who wants a full unconditional pardon full stop?

Not negotiation - blackmail.

Cave in now & we'll never break the coup cycle.

2 - 4 - 6 years down the track we'll be back where we are now?

Anonymous said...

Oi, anon at 5.46: The only thing going tick tock is the sound in your head. Where would we be if the "thieves" hadn't taken over? How about a Methodist theocracy in which George Speight walked free, existing freehold title was up for grabs and the qoliqoli bill robbed everyone blind, even other Fijians.That was Qarase's agenda and while you might have approved, many of us didn't. We happen to prefer the current dictatorship because it saved us from the tyranny of the majority. Sorry you democracy types but If it ain't a level playing field, it ain't a democracy. And when minority rights aren't upheld, that "democracy" forfeits its right to moral superiority. That's what happened in Fiji, it's your fault for voting Qarase in, he ain't coming back, Frank's the man so get used to it.