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Monday, November 9, 2009

Baledrokadroka seeks ayslum in Australia

The former head of Fiji's land forces has applied for a protection visa to stay in Australia, and says he would not be welcome back in his own country.

Colonel Jone Baledrokadroka's application is being considered by the Australian Government.

He is a visiting fellow at the Australian National University in Canberra, where expelled Fiji-born academic Professor Brij Lal also works.

The colonel says Professor Lal, a colleague, is "quite well known to be a critic of Bainimarama and a critic of all coups back to Rabuka".

Colonel Baledrokadroka says Commodore Frank Bainimarama is sending a message to Australia that he does not want anyone butting in on what is happening in Fiji.

The Colonel says he had a political argument with Commodore Bainimarama in 2006 over his belief that Fiji's military should be apolitical.

"He wanted obviously to politicise the military as it is at the moment," he said.

Colonel Baledrokadroka says on present indications he would not be allowed back by the military-backed regime.

"Obviously no. It seems he is hell-bent on this tit-for-tat sort of childish response," Colonel Baledrokadroka said.

"He sees anyone who speaks out as an enemy.

"At the moment he is just hell-bent on retaliating against Australia and New Zealand.

"Any people - I suppose myself - speaking out ... there is a heavy news media censorship in Fiji, so obviously he can use that to throw anyone out of the country."

Asked if he considered himself a refugee, he said: "Basically, I have put in for a protection visa here."

Colonel Baledrokadroka expects to learn of his status in the coming weeks - ABC


Anonymous said...

Humpty Dumpty Theory.

Sometime down the track somebodies
gottah put RFMF together again.

Toss up between him & another well qualified 'non political' candidate
currently serving overseas.

Anonymous said...

Colonel B needn't worry about getting asylum in the asylum that is Canberra.But when they give it to him, will they know who he really is?

That his sister is the defacto partner of one of the main convicted criminals of the 2000 coup,that that criminal is Col B's high chief in Naitasiri, that he tried to stage a mutiny in the Fiji military before Frank Bainimarama called his bluff and kicked him out, that he's a known supporter of, and activist for, Qarase's SDL and tries to fudge all this by posing as a scholarly academic?

No, they won't. But we do, little Jone so don't you forget it. Hope you enjoy your new home in Australia. Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Where have you guys been for the past few days?

Anonymous said...

You go on JB, and reveal all the secrets of this useless institution, at QEB. The Fiji military is a liability to Fiji rather then an asset to the Country. Is there really no Military Council as I have been told by reliable sources, and it is all a lie created by Vore qe?

Anonymous said...

Air-a, where u bin?

Anonymous said...

What secrets, anon at 3.03pm? That Jone lailai is out of step with the rest of the boys?

No Military Council? Where u been living? Tailevu or somewhere? Tell that to Roko Lui, Driti, Teleni, Aziz and the rest of the gang.

Might put you right with some good old fashioned butu. Just because you're one big kutu.

Anonymous said...

Anon Nov 9... maybe he JB knows something you dont...

Anonymous said...

What ever goes around comes around.