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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

CCF responds to Spectrum Decree

The Regulation of National Spectrum Decree should be used for a more efficient allocation of frequencies among broadcasters and should not be used to revoke licences of any existing broadcasters, says the Citizens’ Constitutional Forum.

Under the decree, a decision for the cancellation or reallocation of any broadcast license cannot be challenged in a court, tribunal, commission or any other adjudicating body in Fiji.

“The manner of the review under this decree raises concern as there is no room for broadcasters to appeal the decision to revoke or reallocate licences by the Minister,” CCF Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Rev Akuila Yabaki said.

“If the purpose of the review is to make the allocation of broadcast frequencies fairer to the public of Fiji, then the decree should focus on that activity only. Existing licenses should not be revoked.”

“We are concerned that the Minister responsible for communications has the sole authority to allocate or reallocate broadcast spectrums. This is a non-transparent process and can personalise the decision-making. An independent statutory body would have been better suited for this role,” Rev Yabaki said.

Gazetted on 13 November 2009, the decree has caused tremendous concern due to the conversion of existing broadcast licenses to a temporary status, until such time as a review of currently allocated frequencies for broadcast is completed, and the broadcast spectrums are reallocated. The frequencies being reviewed include radio broadcast, television broadcast, microwave links, telecommunications or any other radio frequency spectrum between 3Hz to 300GHz.

CCF calls on the interim government to ensure the broadcasters are treated fairly and are not pressured into accepting any deals that may compromise their role as guardians of Freedom of Information and Opinion. “A free media is the cornerstone of a democratic society and should be promoted,” Rev Yabaki said.


Anonymous said...

Illegal Khaiyum has again shown his true colours. Wht else is ew with this regime. Everything they do turns to sh***t. All is not lost as all these decress etc being put inplace can & will be shredded in time to come. No matter how much they try to cover their tracks or stitch up decrees & legislation, it will backfire on them. Its not full proof!!

Anonymous said...

Na Dina, here you go again about Sayed! Don't you think about anyone else? I see someone is unkindly suggesting that you might be nursing a broken heart at the hand of the dapper AG. Is this true? I think we should be told.

Crosbie Walsh said...

Na Dina, Akuila's comments are a positive contribuition,and an expression of genuine concern. As I read it, he is warning against possible misuse of the decree, not the need for the decree itself.

A small typo error: it's foolproof, not full proof. Suggest you read my Buddha quote, top left column in my blog. He also was searching for the truth.
Kindly wishes, Croz

Anonymous said...

What's Croz Walsh doing here when he's got his own website and keeps hurling insults at 4.5? Ain't you got nothing better to do Mister Pakeha know-it-all?

Anonymous said...

At Anon 6.58pm

Youare pathetic. You zero in on the person rather than what this bullshit artist Khaiyum is doing.

Try and look at the issue of Khaiyum usurping the power to issue licences to media organisation as an individual. He is playing God just like his bossman, Frank and that is dangerous. Power play is coming into the picture!

I pray for the citizens of Fiji who are trying to live like human beings but are being treated like slaves by these unelected bunch of idiots.

I say to Frank, Khaiyum and all their puppets-if you think that the country is behind you then hold a referendum where the people can show their preference. You will have the biggest surprise of your life. Nobody but your puppets who are making money from the current state of things will show their support for this illegal dictatorship!

Anonymous said...

Bula Cros Walsh, yes, indeed you're a professor & so u shud be correcting the english grammatical errors we make eh!! But thats really irrelevant as far as I am concern seeing that english is not my Mother Tongue.

However, at the very least I can still challenge & rebut you on this platform and argue my points. That at least you cannot snuff out as it is my basis right which is so currently being so suppressed by the current Fiji regime of which you so supportive of. Oh whispers told us Cros that u have vested interest re your other half so that explains your current position. hmmmm one wonders!!!

Anonymous said...

Oolala Na Dina. All shook up just because the professor gives you a B minus for English expression.
Attacking Croz's "other half" is so underhanded, especially in the "nod and a wink" way you have, If you've got evidence of a "vested interest", produce it. If not, crawl back into your slimy hole.

Anonymous said...

Na Dina. hmmmm one wonders!!! Yeah, how you can possibly point an accusing finger like that without feeling totally madua.

Anonymous said...

@Anon November 27, 2009 5.54 PM
'oiauwe fakapo'!! Nah, this ain't a classroom setup where one worries about a b- or a+ from de prof. So lets get back to the issue being discussed eh.

Let me refresh yr mind in case you have missed the point. Here we go, quote "The manner of the review under this decree raises concern..." says Dr Yabaki. unquote. How about commenting on this rather than wanting to know about 'vested interest' as you stated.

Anonymous said...

@anon November 28, 2009 1:27 AM
'madua' is on your lips, are you? At least for us we know where we are coming from. As the Indigenous Fijian saying, " Eda dui kila ga na dui katuba eda curu mai kina!!"

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Na Lasu, and we all know what door you're going through - the door to nowhere. No wonder poor Frank has taken to drink and keeps Gary Apted up till dawn. You and your indigenous kaivata are never madua and that's what drives everyone crazy. No shame!

Anonymous said...

@anon November 30, 2009 3:26 PM
Seems like you're just "an empty drum making loud noise"

Yaaaawnnn...ia mai koya e atarava na ulu-vatu e vosa tiko qo!!