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Monday, November 30, 2009

Commonwealth leaders remain concerned about Fiji

Commonwealth leaders have expressed deep concern at the further deterioration of the situation in Fiji, at its meeting in Trinidad and Tobago.

In its final communique, the leaders say they're concerned at the abrogation of the Constitution; ongoing restrictions on human rights including freedom of speech and assembly, and the Interim Government's decision to further delay elections until 2014.

"Heads fully endorsed CMAG's call for the Interim Government of Fiji to commit itself to a credible, inclusive and time-bound political dialogue towards the restoration of constitutional civilian democracy without further delay, and for the protection of fundamental human rights, including the immediate rescission of the Public Emergency Regulation," the leaders said in its communique.

They reaffirmed their willingness to remain engaged with Fiji in support of any good faith efforts toward this end, in accordance with fundamental Commonwealth principles.

The Commonwealth leaders also noted the decision by the Commonwealth Games Federation to exclude Fiji from participation in the 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, as a consequence of Fiji's suspension from Commonwealth membership.

"In this context, Heads observed that Commonwealth sporting events represent a significant public demonstration of the unity of the Commonwealth as a family of members with a shared commitment to fundamental values."

They affirmed that sporting ties under the Commonwealth name are inseparable from the values of the association, and endorsed the position consistently taken by CMAG that those countries under full suspension from the Commonwealth should, inter alia, be ineligible to participate in Commonwealth sporting events.


Anonymous said...

What gets me about the Commonwealth are the number of drop-kick member countries who wouldn't come close, in real terms, to achieving the standard they're requiring of Fiji.

Pakistan and Nigeria? Gimme a break. They've both been suspended, then readmitted, but have a history of the most appalling violence and human rights abuses.

Pakistan is one of the biggest threats to world peace with its lax control over its nuclear arsenal. And every time racial or political violence breaks out in Nigeria, hundreds of people are killed. And what about some of the others? Mozambique? Rwanda? They're both full Commonwealth members and we know what happens there - the most appalling massacres and rampant corruption.

No, let's just pick on some little South Seas outpost trying to get its act together to vent the collective disapproval of those smug, pale faced tut-tutters from the "old" Commonwealth.

Can't help feeling sorry for the dear old lady who presides over such a bunch of hypocrites. Fortunately, she knows her Fiji subjects will always hold her close in their hearts whatever the politicians force her to do in the name of upholding "democracy". Isa, Ilisapeci, na Ranadi Ni Viti tiko ga.

Anonymous said...

I've just heard someone from the Commonwealth saying on the radio how happy they are to accept Rwanda as a full member. This is a place where up to a million people were killed in the ethnic clashes between the Hutus and Tutsis. How many people have been massacred in racial clashes in Fiji? Answer that you miserable bastards! Not only that but the Rwandan president, Paul Kagame, is suspected of being involved in the assassination of his predecessor. Did Frank Bainimarama assassinate his predecessor? Answer that you hypocritical bastards! Rwanda is also a place with no traditional links to Britain or the Crown. It was bloody French! But that doesn't matter either. Fiji, on the other hand, was a British colony and the Queen is still officially Tui Viti. But we get kicked out. Is that double standards or what? The Commonwealth is like a family in which the kids get beaten but child abusers are welcomed with open arms. It's a joke.

Anonymous said...

Annonimous #1.
Your arguments in bringing in Mozambique, Rwanda and Nigeria are very weak in comparing the position of Fiji in the Pacific Region. It is next to Australia and New Zealand - 3rd in the region. Fiji is almost the door to the Pacific, where most of the adminstration of the region is based. Fiji is like a big brother where the smaller Pacific islands look up to as " The way the World should be"
Who are the 3 African Nations you mentioned in the Commonwealth, compare to Fiji, as a Pacific leader.
If we are kicked out of the Commonwealth games, so be it. We cook our soup, we eat it.

EnufDictatorship said...

We're talking about democractic values (or the lack there of) in FIJI here, not in Rwanda or anywhere else.

Voreqe massacred Fiji's people and its leaders when he took his guns and overtook the country's government, which was chosen by the people on Dec. 5, 2006 (LITERALLY!!!).

Voreqe massacred the people of Fiji and denied them their individual rights to information, to protest their non-acceptance of his BULLISH rule etc when he used his guns to implement the P.E.R (LITERALLY!!!!).

Voreqe's military regime gets kicked out of the Commonwealth because they are HYPOCRITES to the highest degree. They say one thing to suit the masses and do the opposite to suit them, like a back-pay of F$180K+ to Voreqe while he axed people from their jobs. And the list goes on...

The thing is, African nations and the continent have a well-known history of these kinds of bullish/barbaric acts by its leaders on its poor people. The militarymen of Fiji are doing the same here at the peaceful backyard of our Pacific nations, that is the worry...and it's a real worry! It has to be nipped at the bud now before it festers into a continuous cycle, which will take decades to fix!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon 2. "Fiji the way the world should be". Are you kidding. "Big brother to the smaller island states?" Are you kidding? "Number three to Australia and NZ"? Are you kidding? You cook your soup, you eat it, you big tamani sized ulukau. Talk about deluded.

mark manning said...

Frank Bainimarama, had already either been directly involved in the murder of one of his own Soldiers in 2000 and the illegal killing of another four or directly responsible for their deaths in that he ordered them killed by his fellow goons, it's widely believed !
So any talk of him or his supporters wanting to be Democratic, are just a whitewash.
This coup is obviously about the total annihilation of the Indigenous Fijian Culture, the Decimation of it's economy to help attain that goal and no doubt, a greedy grab for the land so dearly loved by Fijians yet prized by a few Indians.
Coupled with this, you have a few stupid, lazy Indigenous Fijians, wanting to keep their perceived Worldly Titles. for which they have no intentions of earning on merit at all.
Mark my words, once the economy is completely obliterated, the grab for land in fiji will be a walk over for these thieves, Indian and Indigenous Fijians.

Anonymous said...

Boy, we really do have the loonies coming out of the woodwork now. EnufDiciatorship, where have you suddenly sprung from? All this extravagant hyperbole. "Frank has massacred the people of Fiji " Wot?. Massacre is the mass slaughter of humans or animals and the only evidence for that is in your head. And spare us the crap about the last election. Cynical manipulation of rural Fijians by a corrupt elite who owed their dominance to a corrupt electoral system. It's all over, buster, so crawl back into your hole before hysteria swamps you and you implode. When it comes to corruption, Frank is a novice. If all you can point to is his military back pay, he's certainly not in the same league as African leaders still welcome at the Commonwealth table.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Commonwealth for not buying this no-violence bullshit.

This is peaceful resistance in control rather than being the underdogs. They showly sap the life out of you until you are a zombie with no soul of your own - saying only the things they want you to say, doing only the things they want you to do.

Anonymous said...

No, you mark my words, Mark. Stop going on about Frank murdering this person or that without providing the evidence. "It's widely believed", you say. That's not evidence. It's widely believed that you're an effing moron. Does that make it fact? No, on second thoughts, you are a moron. But Frank isn't a murderer until proven so.

EnufDictatorship said...

@ Annonymous 6..sorry you but you wonder where I have been?..well I actually have been around longer than you're.

You obviously don't understand the meaning of the word LITERALLY!!!!

U want a list of other corrupt and barbaric actions by Voreqe, well the list is too long to write here but at least Voreqe stealing from Fiji's taxpayers with his back-pay is just ONE OF THE MANY!

And just like the recent (as in yesterday) Nazi guard on trial now in Munich for his assistance in the murder of holocaust victims in Sorbor wayback then (and he denies he was even there...yeah right!), Voreqe will one day see his face in court for the murder of Rabaka, Verebasaga and many others under his watch.

Go democracy! Go freedom!

Anonymous said...

Would you moronic cowards hiding beneath Frankie's skirt just stop the drama!

Why blame the Commonwealth with the sports sanction?

No one else in Fiji even bothered to bat an eyelid with the announcement as it was fully EXPECTED.

So instead of wasting dwindling taxpayers funds taking the fight further to arbitration where you are EXPECTED to lose once more OR fighting the Pig's fight anonymously out here in cyberspace, just get your asses out there and push him for an early return to election in the next year (yes, it can be done!) and return of a government for the people by the people!


Anonymous said...

You lot supporting Frank are pathetic! Like Fijians you have now been brainwashed by Frank and now support his dictatorship.

Two years ago this samelot were yelling "Fry that scum, Frank and his military illegal officers". After 3 yrs you begin to believe all the hogwash handed out by Frank and say "Praise Frank our saviour". Are you real you bunch of bastards just like Crankie Franky!

Anonymous said...

Hughs has the evidence that will convict that Pig, and he the Pig may not have assasinated anyone yet but he has threatened to do so if they should speak out against him.

Anonymous said...

so then why stop the Methodist President's inaguration service because a court case is pending when you just mentioned that frank is innocent until proven guilty. Sa levu ga na talk shit. Talk is cheap dou veicai vakaukauwa ga na sotia dau butako i tutu.

Anonymous said...

Oh God, not the Methodists too. As if it's not enough to have put up with the idiocy of the loony right of the SDL, we've got the brainwashed followers of the twisted talatalas weighing in as well. Listen up you Methodist mullahs and your dumb-arsed parishioners. You've taken a once great and respected church and turned it into a clapped out vehicle for a discredited extremist cause. Lasaro, Kanailagi et al. If I had any say, you'd be locked up and force fed the old testament. Literally. I, for one, want to see you choke on the the bits about chosen peoples. You've used this to suggest that the Fijians are somehow special. But there ain't nothin special about you lot that's for sure. Amen!

Anonymous said...

Oh puhleeze, how did this thread turn into either methodist or SDL camp supporter, Anonsence @ 1.49?

It's obvious that when you hve nothing remotely intelligent to add, you resort to throwing stones at the methodists/SDL, eh! Well, hello there, FYI some of us do not belong to either camp! What a disgusting little POTE you are!

Now go back to your little spot under Frankie's skirt & don't emerge until you can learn to separate fact from fiction, truth from untruths.. lol!

Anonymous said...

SDL poseurs and their Methodist lackeys. All capital letters, exclamation marks and foaming hysteria. Totally bereft of logic, reason and a just cause.

They say a country gets the government it deserves. Well, thanks to you lot, we've got Frank. You've only got yourselves to blame.

Anonymous said...

That's right Anonsense @ 12.45p.m

You get the government you deserve at the ballot box where you get to exercise your FREE will and CHOOSE your representatives and if they don't perform, well then you only hve yourselves to blame until you chuck them out at the next vote.

Did the people choose cranky Frankie?

No, only treasonous lackeys like you did! Pote again, lol!

Btw you only got yourself to blame if you can't seem to extract yourself out from under Frankie's skirt and out your name where you big accusatory mouth is - the little bugger that you are, lol!

Anonymous said...

"Treasonous lackeys", "little buggers", "pote". Is this the best you lot can do? Sad when the quality of your invective matches the quality of your analysis. Collectively, you're the biggest reason why democracy doesn't work. Government by the ignorant for the ignorant.

Anonymous said...

Sad is when u're looking for an analysis when none is needed, Anonymous @ 10.03a.m. Its only the 'compromised' who steadfastly refuse to see the facist pimps in power for what they are.. and what's with posting incognito out here on anti-coup blogs with your ridiculous self-serving statements, lol! With all that firepower on your behinds.. your conscience pricking you? lol...

Anonymous said...

Not the laughing magpie again. No analysis needed? You must be joking. You need to see an analyst ASAP.

Anonymous said...

No, the jokes on ya, you treasonous anal.. lol!

Anonymous said...




At least Fijian politics is not funded directly by the American taxpayer anymore with Mr. Bainimarama.

Ratu Mara died without telling the truth - Mr. Rabuka will probably be assasinated if he told the truth. Truth is that Fiji is a victim of THE world superpower and until the world unites to eliminate corporate planet control via military superpowers (world energy/oil supply and pricing fabrication is a good place to start....), Fiji and all nations like Fiji on this earth will forever be enslaved to greed. Following the money trail will always provide answers.....Be interesting to find out how much American money and property Mr K Mara and Mr. S Rabuka digested/accumulated to date - search for the truth - hope for a brighter future...do not contribute to economies that exist to undermine and destabilise your mother country...

Anonymous said...

What's all this anal and bugger talk, anon at 7.32? I suspect you're the same person who keeps going on about "polishing welis". And who keeps harping on about animals. Perhaps you were educated at Navuso, where bovines and buggery were a big part of the student sexual repertoire. No matter. What you get up to in your own teitei is your affair. But to parade your zoophilia so openly in these columns is no laughing matter, irrespective of the "lols" you use to make light of your unspeakable behaviour. I know psychiatrists are hard to come by in Fiji but there's a lovely girl who's been seeing George Speight. I think you should make an appointment for our sakes, if not your own.

Anonymous said...


I know, I know, we can all see how hard it is for you "treasonous lot" to swallow the painful TRUTH that Fiji has not been BOUGHT by your LIES & propoganda. As a blogger aptly said, everyone's just biding their time and getting by...

3 years on and you still hve the need to hve your PER, press censorship in place etc etc.. tsk tsk.. Does that not make you "treasonous lot" sick in the pit of your stomach that it's just not working?

People ain't stupid not to rally behind noble causes BUT they will only do so with a passion that our people are known for, when it is rooted in legality.

Fiji's Court of Appeal had shown you "treasonous lot" the way forward in the Qarase v. Bainimarama case - the USURPATION of a legitimate government by the people for the people is ILLEGAL, hence, take the necessary steps to back NATIONAL ELECTIONS ASAP.

You hve harped on about electoral fraud & corruption, ill-defined constituency boundaries & gerrymandering - well, what have you "treasonous lot" done about it to date?

N O T H I N G .. 3 years on and counting and nothing to show for it. Despicable & unspeakable?

Your fall from your pulpits of evil is INEVITABLE. Consult your high priests & pundit if you must - for it is written in the stars.


And no, it's not just a laughing matter, it's just this little thing about YOU TREASONOUS CLOWNS going about trying to look respectable and legitimate when Fiji sees you for what you really are - a sorry bunch of friggin' lowlife thieves!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, will someone put the laughing clown out of his misery and turn the lights off on the way out.

Anonymous said...

Hey "treasonous clown", were you quietly celebrating your coup d'etat anniversary @ 12.58a.m?

Vakaloloma dina nomu bula... stay awake & haunted LOSER whilst the rest of us don't lose a good night's sleep over "treasonous lowlifes" like you.

Anonymous said...

Yes, much to celebrate, particularly three years of keeping you in your place and an end to all the Lais of the SDL. Go back to sleep.