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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Daylight saving to be re-introduced

Fiji's interim regime has approved the re-introduction of daylight saving.

It will take effect from Nov 29th until April 25th 2010.

Cabinet based its decision on a submission by interim Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

Sayed-Khaiyum said in 1999, the Ministry of Labour reported there was an overall increase in economic activity and productive work as a result of daylight saving.

He said it would also be good for the tourists as they will have more daylight time for activities and shopping.

But critics say daylight saving will not improve Fiji's deteriorating economy and that a tropical nation like Fiji does not need daylight saving.


Anonymous said...

Fiji - one hour ahead of itself and two decades behind where it should be.

Anonymous said...

sa na qai levu ga na gauna ni gunu yaqona kei na aimless

Anonymous said...

Daylight Savings programs have been touted for years for their energy savings. It has NOTHING to do with productivity. In fact, farmers find the program counter-productive and inhibits their activities as they have to deal with an extra hour of darkness in the morning.

Even the energy savings claims are suspect. It was originally proposed by American Benjamin Franklin a couple hundred years ago as a means of saving burning of candles. A recent study by the University of California-Santa Barbara economics professor Matthew Kotchen and Ph.D. student Laura Grant of the American state of Indiana, found that Daylight Savings actually increased energy costs to the consumers by $8.6 million USD. (Source Wall Street Journal, Feb 27, 2008, Daylight Saving Wastes Energy, Study Says)

There is NO valid reason for Fiji to have a Daylight Savings program other than to emulate the "Big Boys". The program is for highly industrialized countries and even those keep doing it for the status quo, not for any proven benefit. Consider that a major part of Fiji's economy is based on farmers getting their crops to market. Now they will have to suffer with yet one more hour of darkness to deal with. As opposed to industry which has the means to turn on lights when they need to see something. Proves again that Fiji's government is really in the dark when it comes to serving their people.

Anonymous said...

Romans 1:22 - Declaring themselves to be wise, they became fools.

At least, they are fulfilling Biblical prophecy :-)