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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dorsami Naidu: Fiji claims against NZ and Aust rubbish

Fiji Law Society president Dorsami Naidu says Commodore Bainimarama's claim that New Zealand and Australia have been harrassing and interfering with the country's judiciary is rubbish.

Mr Naidu says his nation's latest diplomatic dispute with Australia and New Zealand will further delay any reconciliation, and it is his nation that will suffer most as a result of the tit for tat developments.

He says another strain on the already strained relationship will further delay the advice and assistance Fiji's people need from other countries - Radio NZ

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dorsami, you're such a bore.

Just look at the evidence for a change. You're meant to be a lawyer, aren't you?

An Aussie diplomat contacts a Sri Lankan judge bound for Fiji.

"As a courtesy", he claims, he's "warning" him about being subjected to Australian travel bans if he/she takes the job.

And you say that isn't interference?

No wonder you get yourself into trouble. Some people tell me it's because you're brave. But on this performance, I think it's because you're a bloody idiot.