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Friday, November 27, 2009

Education sector gets most in 2010 budget

Fiji's interim prime minister Frank Bainimarama today tabled his 2010 budget.

Under the budget, the education sector has been allocated the most money at $312.7 million.

The Ministry of Works and Transport has been allocated $141.7m while the Tourism Industry maintains its $23.5m budget.

The Police has been boosted with a $78.4m allocation while the Military budget drops to $92.5m.

From February, departing tourists will get a refund of the 12.5 percent value added on purchases above 260 US dollars.

While delivering the budget Bainimarama announced shopping and liquor trading hours will be extended in some centres of Fiji.

He also announced a monthly food voucher programme for those who register under a new assistance programme.


Anonymous said...

Now this ought to silence your more feral correspondents like Mad Mark and Na Lasu Dina. More money for education, infrastructure, tourism and the police, less for the military. When will it dawn on the regime's critics that its priorities are infinitely more ordered than the corrupt rabble they replaced? With this budget, Frank is doing what needs to be done for the people who really need help; the poorest of Fijians huddled in squatter settlements, not Qarase's cronies at Daikoku and Bad Dog. A top effort by the Great Helmsman against the odds.

mark manning said...

No, not really !
Anyone can withhold expenditure from the previous year to then turn around and spend it the following year to make it look as if they are managing the economy.
But how long can this foolishness last when there is less and less money coming into the country, the population growing, unemployment and poverty increasing ?
Only the dopey soldiers think things are going well in Fiji !

Anonymous said...

MM, the population was growing and unemployment and poverty were at crisis levels before Frank came in. What did previous governments do? It's just not true to say that "only the dopey soldiers think things are going well in Fiji". Whatever else you might say about the regime, the 2010 budget has been praised by almost everyone from Hari Punja to Kevin Barr. In other words, everyone from Fiji's richest man to the guy in charge of trying to house the poorest of the poor. I agree with you about the need to restore democracy but you need to give credit where credit is due.

Anonymous said...

A country's future is its kids. More money for education on top of free bus fares and free school meals. Who's doing more for Fiji's kids and the future? Much as I hate to admit it, "dopey" Frank.

Anonymous said...

As long as Vore is in charge of this Nation, I will not beleive anything he says or does, he is lying his way around. Even this budget is just a mask, then the rules will change in the middle of the game. The doctor at St Giles said that one of the characters of a man with a sick mind is, 'He keeps changing the goal post'.
So watch 2010 and tell us bloggers that the goal post did not change.

Anonymous said...

Oi, anon at 4.29. Thanks for quoting the doctor at St Giles. Now, we know where you live. You just keep your eyes on those goal posts. Yes, they really are moving. No, really. It's a side effect of your medication.

TQR said...

Where's the money coming from to finance the 2010 budget...The almost so bankrupt FNPF and all the internal borrowing..... robbing Joe to feed Moe.. Isa ko Viti..

Tqr said...

Frank & Co..can promise each and everyone all the goodies in 2010 but to actually implement those promises is remain to be seen..more than 75% of the infrastructure work promised in the 2009 budget was not done..TU NA DA..talk is cheap and nothing else new..

Keep The Faith said...

The only reason why Education scoops the lot is because:

(a) they have to finance the stupid busfare iniative based on SHODDY research by their pet NGO of convenience ECREA. Did their research ever consider the ratio of students inability to pay fees/bring healthy lunches/purchase school materials OVER bus fares?

(b) they have to pay for Fiji's membership to THREE universities -- Uni of Fiji, National Uni of Fij and USP.

Let's also not forget that as people are suffering in this economic climate, the free-riders in the RFMF earn themselves free back-pay in return for their loyalty to Bainimarama -- let NO ONE believe any of their bullshit about "needing to put food on the table" because everyone else has to do the same WITHOUT HANDOUTS LIKE THIS.

Anonymous said...

More loonies. Not worth feeding so I don't think Frank's food voucher program is a good idea at all.