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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

EU regrets explulsion of envoys

The European Union expressed regret on Tuesday at a decision by Fiji's military leader to expel top envoys from Australia and New Zealand, and urged the Pacific Island nation not to isolate itself.

"This development signals a further deterioration of the relations of Fiji with the international community, undermining progress towards re-engagement and dialogue,"current EU president Fredrik Reinfeldt said in a statement.

"By isolating itself, Fiji puts at risk the concerted efforts to bring about the return of rule of law and democracy," he said.

"The EU appeals to Fiji and all its partners to work together to engage in meaningful dialogue and thus prevent further negative developments."

The 27-nation bloc also reiterated concern about continued military rule in Fiji - the military ousted the elected government in a coup in December 2006 - and urged the interim administration to move quickly to restore democracy.

On November 3, self-appointed Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama announced that the heads of the Australian and New Zealand missions in Fiji would be expelled, triggering tit-for-tat expulsions from Wellington and Canberra.

Fiji was suspended from the 16-nation Pacific Islands Forum in May and from the Commonwealth in September over broken promises to hold elections by March this year.

Australia and New Zealand have been at the forefront of international condemnation of Bainimarama's regime and their travel sanctions on people associated with the regime prompted the expulsion of their envoys from Suva - AFP


Anonymous said...

As blogsite FDN points out...

"The European Union has condemned the military regime's expulsion of Australia and New Zealand envoys.

You will never read it in our heavily censored media, but the EU urges a "return to the rule of law and democracy" in Fiji. Those words make a mockery of Mr Justice Anthony Gates's assertions about our having an "independent" judiciary.

They tell you more about the true state of affairs in Fiji than our regime has owned up to over the entire three years since Frank Bainimarama illegally seized power.

And the EU's firm stance on a return to democracy also tells you that the dictator is wasting his time travelling at our expense to Europe to solicit funds.

He hasn't got a chance and, thanks to him, we can kiss goodbye to the EU's standing offer of a $350-million sugar restructure package.

It all makes you realize what a sick, pathetic joke our dictator really is!"

Anonymous said...

Don't ever rhink the Europeans don't know about dictators - & how too deal with them.

Anonymous said...

We don't need to be lectured to by Eurotrash.

Our dictator hasn't killed anyone. Theirs killed 50 million people.

Who's more civilised?

Anonymous said...

Give him time. Adolf started out just intimidating his opponents, as Frank has done. It took Hitler 6 years to get started on the mass killing.

Anonymous said...

"Our dictator hasn't killed anyone". You been living in a cave somewhere?

Their all cut from the same cloth -
just needs more practice - give him time.

Anonymous said...

Memo from The Cave to anon at 5.56:

Who and when?

Anonymous said...

Name Mugabe ring any bells?

Anonymous said...

Hey anon at 5.56

I must be living in the same cave as you, you bonehead.

Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Franco...Bainimarama?

I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

Attention All Cave Dwellers!


How many deaths do you want?

Anonymous said...

the village idiot has convinietly forgotten the CRW soldiers and Rabaka, Malasebe, etc.

Anonymous said...

Say what you will about Qarase & the SDL - but one thing's certain -they never killed anybody?

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, so Frank murdered them did he? Are you Mark Manning in drag?

Come to think of it, where is Mark? Things aren't the same without him.

Anonymous said...

"Dont have to be lectured by Eurotrash" but it's ok to put your hands out like beggers for the aid.

Anonymous said...

"Eurotrash - Beggars & Aid".

Well said & well put Anon.