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Monday, November 9, 2009

Fiji immigration denies Lal expulsion

The director of Fiji's immigration has denied that Brij Lal was deported.

Major Nemani Vuniwaqa told Radio New Zealand that Lal was not expelled.

“Dr Brij Lal was in Fiji on a visitor’s permit and according to our records he had left the country on a flight to Australia. He was not expelled from the country as claimed by him.”


Anonymous said...

Man! Do these people think we are stupid like them?

Anonymous said...

He, he, he!

Just a little persuasion what? That's all it takes in Lal-a land.

Anonymous said...

Why he needs asylum in Aussie, come back to Fiji and fight for the true democracy.. we need people like you to stand up and not being selfish and stay away of getting the truth out!

Anonymous said...

Hey anon at 5.51.

You want an Aussie who's renounced his Fiji citizenship to come back and fight for democracy for you?

Imagine if this was the American revolution, Did they sit there and ask the French to fight their battles for them against the British?

If you want democracy in Fiji, fight for it yourself. Brij is a 24 carat Aussie now and has left you to your fate.

You're right about one thing. Yes, he's selfish. He could have got his Fiji citizenship back to join the struggle but he didn't.

It might be cold in Canberra sometimes but it's comfortable and believe me, the curry is good. There's a great little place in Woden where a wonderful Indian lady from Fiji cooks up a storm.

So Brij doesn't need Fiji anymore and Fiji sure as hell doesn't need him.