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Monday, November 2, 2009

Gates attacks NZ and Aust travel bans

Fiji's chief justice Anthony gates has accused the New Zealand and Australian governments of interfering with the judiciary by imposing travel restrictions.

His comments come as Fiji prepares to welcome it's new judges from Sri Lanka who Gates says were not allowed to transit through Australia to take up their appointments.

Gates says New Zealand interfered with the judiciary when it denied entry to judge Anjala Wati who wanted to bring her son for medical treatment.

He says Wati was only given a visa when her case was highlighted in the media.

Gates claims the Australian and New Zealand High Commissioners have written to him saying their travel ban policy now applies to those appointed to the judiciary.

He says Australia and New Zealand need to acknowledge that all judiciary appointments are made by the President not by the Fiji Government.


Anonymous said...

Judge Anjala Wati's first application was by her husband for the three of them (Mother, father, child) to visit New Zealand for medical treatment for the child. There waqs no mention that the medical treatment was life threatening or the child could lose its sight. This visa was refused as New Zealand has a policy of all appointments to the regieme being banned. I have no doubt that the NZ official was blunt as to the reason for refusal.

There is some suggestion that NZ was set up as the next contact was through the media.

Fiji has bans on many people including reporters coming into the country.

New Zealand also has the right to, without any explanation, stop any person from entering the country.

In this case they have the very well publicised reason of disapproving of the present regieme in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Round 2.

Been calling for this for ages - still - better late than never.
Definately something wrong with this man? As for his absurd claim that these appointments are independent - what can you say?
That this greedy oppurtunist is supposedly Fiji's no 1 judge indicates the depth to which Fiji's legal institutions have plummeted.

Anonymous said...

It's an appalling indictment of Australia and New Zealand that they're willing to punish judges with blemish-free reputations simply because they want to do their jobs, which is to dispense justice.

It's yet another example of the double speak and double standards of our southern neighbours, who claim publicly that they don't want to hurt ordinary people while blithely doing just that.

If quality members of the bench are discouraged from taking up their appointments, of course that hurts ordinary people. It eventually produces a second rate judicial system or worse and disadvantages those within the system and the nation as a whole.

It's not just the travel bans on the judiciary that constitute interference in our internal affairs - something the Aussies and Kiwis would never tolerate themselves - but their restrictions on anyone who takes a Fiji Government job.

Freedom of movement ought to be an international right in times of peace.

Employees of some of the worst regimes in the world pass through Australia and NZ without hindrance. Yet they choose to single out for punishment citizens of a country they continually claim as an "old friend".

Friend? Are you kidding? What next you Aussies and Kiwis? Will you be satisfied when Frank gives up on judges from the old Commonwealth and gets them from China? How will that help your "friends" in Fiji?

Anonymous said...

Sorry Gates! That is NZ's prerogative-whether it wants to allow or disallow anybody on this earth entry into their country. You can howl and yell from the roof tops until the cows come home.

Anyway you are not a Fijian so what are you yelling about? Just go back to where you come from and leave us alone you wimp!

Unknown said...

The public health system in NZ is paid for by the taxes of the NZ public and they do not want it used by foreign thugs who support military dictatorships. The child has been given access on compassionate grounds but this does not make the parents any better than scum.

The current fijian judges are no better than any other opportunistic supporter of the regime who have stolen the right of all Fijians to self determination.

With the abrogation of the Constitution the only control in Fiji now is by military decrees enforced by guns. Whatever appears to be happening day to day in the courts is a farce - a play being acted out to give the false impression of normality.

Meanwhile the impoverishment of the people and intimidation of supporters of democracy/human rights continues.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 2.49 pm

Quote -"You are not Fijian". What a giveaway!

This is all the proof we need that the so-called democracy lobby in Fiji is merely a front for the racists of the SDL.

Na luvei ni taukei ogo sa lialia sara ga. Don't even realise when you've shot yourself in the foot.

It's you who should go back to where you came from you kai colo. You give all Fijians a bad name!

Anonymous said...

Every dog has its days!! Tony Gates & Anjala Wati are now feeling the brunt of what they have been dishing out to the ordinary Fiji people. Such a bunch of upstarts who think the law can be bent to suit their greed & need.

Obviously, Tony Gates has forgotten how he rose to power within the Fiji Judiciary. Just no so long ago, he would have been one of the very ones pushing for those same overseas judges that presided over Qarase v Bainimarama case at which Qarase won his appeal only to be sidetracked with another 'mini coup within a coup' by FB which saw his reinstatement as an Unelected PM of Fiji.Such absurdities!!!

Judiciary system in Fiji took a nose dive. No longer was an independent Judiciary for Fiji as all matters pertaining to Legal niceties had to be approved by Government who was overseeing Judiciary.

To cut the story short: Tony Gates & his Judiciary cronies like Aiyum or Aiyaz & Anjula all had a finger in the pie and now cry foul!!

Sorry mate, the Kiwis & the Aussies have evry right to close their doors & say 'you can come & play in my backyard when we invite you to!!"

Anonymous said...

Akeni, so the sick kid's parents are thugs and scum?

Here, take a look in this mirror. Now, that's sick!!

Anonymous said...

Memo AUS & British HC Suva.

Given Gates is a citizen of both -
(but not Fiji)what restrictions will be placed on him?

Anonymous said...

Gates obviously has himself confused with someone who has a modicum of credibility, status, respect, kudos, importance, mana and significance.

But the fact of the matter is that criminals and nobodies don't generally get much of a hearing in international affairs.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 2.51

Presumably Gates will have by now paid his $F 3000 to get a blue passport and be free to keep his Oz/UK ones.

He's the Chief Justice of Fiji and alternative President so doesn't it stand to reason that he's already a Fiji citizen?

If not, we now have someone who Frank says will act as president in Epeli's absence who's a foreigner.

That wouldn't be acceptable to any Fiji citizen so I certainly think the regime needs to clarify what the true position is here.

I like the idea of a kaivalagi acting as president because it's another example of a non racialist approach for a change.

But that person has to be a Fiji citizen. And I wonder if anyone with dual nationality should hold the post either.

In the US, only someone who is US born can be president.

Anonymous said...

What is the big deal here?

Everyone knows Fiji courts are only nominally independent, and as such is just another arm of the illegal Government.

Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander! That doesn't change just because some of them think they are a more respectable class of accomplice than the others.

Interestingly, when the Constitution was abrogated in April, Gates immediately fled to Sri Lanka. It was initially thought that he at least had some semblance of self-respect and was getting out while the going was good.

But it now seems he might even have had foreknowledge of the abrogation, and was heading off immediately to organize replacements for the judiciary he couldn't defend then, but is suddenly feisty about now.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Gate, Wati, Khaiyum, & all those judges & lawyers making up Fiji Judiciary needs to be again re-read the famous Magna Carta. To quote an excerpt,
"Art 63.....shall be free, and that the subjects of our realm shall have and hold all the aforesaid liberties, rights and concessions, duly and in peace, freely and quietly, fully and entirely, for themselves and their heirs from us and our heirs, in all matters and in all places, forever, as has been said