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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lal told to be out of Fiji asap

Dr Brij Lal has been told he must leave Fiji tomorrow, Wednesday November the 5th.

Lal was released a short time ago after civilian dressed soldiers escorted him to the Queen Elizabeth barracks for questioning, as a result of an interview with ABC.

(see previous post for that interview)

Coupfourpointifve has been told the prominent historian is to leave Fiji tomorrow.

Dr Lal is an Australian citizen and teaches at the Australian National University but is a regular visitor to Fiji, where he still has a home.


Anonymous said...

Brij Lal has learned the hard way what happens when academics like him lean too far towards advocacy in Fiji.

Take a look at the interview he gave the ABC. It's riddled with partisan political opinion when dispassionate commentary mightn't have been a problem.

Lal has made the mistake of publicly taking sides with Australia, his adopted homeland, in its current stoush with Fiji.

That might have been OK if he'd stayed in Canberra. But he oughtn't to be too surprised at the outcome when these views emanate from his old house in Suva.

You might call him brave or foolhardy depending on your point of view. But he'll have plenty of time tomorrow to reflect on whether it was the wisest thing to do.

Unless, of course, his agenda was to provoke such a response and reinforce his position as the darling of the ANU luvvies and his new kaivata in Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs.

Not Fiji's finest hour or his. But his celebrity is now assured.

Anonymous said...

DFAT Wunderkinds.

As previous blogger correctly pointed out - new replacement for serial oppurtunist & citizen of convience Ravindra 'Robin' Nair within Canberra's dysfunctional academic community.

Anonymous said...

Dysfunctional is what you see when you look through the Fiji Government and Military!!

Anonymous said...

Obviously a fiend and a grave threat to national security.

Those 12 brave soldiers who took him to the barracks must have been lucky to escape with their lives!

Anonymous said...

The Gods offer clues about the ownershit group. Not having any blacks working in-house was a clue not only did these proprietors have a family history against blacks but they also have a personal history in a prior life!!! Also, the "romance" event was a clue they are preditory on women as well.

Unknown said...

Congratulations Coup Four and a Half for allowing the views of regime apologists to appear on your website. It's interesting that they all go under the name anonymous.
Why do they need to do this? No-one will intimidate them for expressing their views, so the only thing they're afraid of is looking foolish.
The fact that all these anony-mouses oppose free speech for others shows where they're coming from. They must ALL be on the illegal regime gravy train or they would have no other reason for supporting it.
I guess what these people really hate about Professor Lal is that he has the courage to speak out in his own name.
I admire him for this and regret that fears for my family members mean that I'm not willing to put them at risk.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.
Spot on observation = probably thought he was a Troll - sure as hell looks like one.