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Friday, November 27, 2009

New Administrator for Suva

A former Colonial National Bank and Home Finance employee has been appointed the Special Administrator for Suva City Council.

She is Marica Hallacy. Mrs Hallacy is the wife of Fiji National Provident Fund expatriate employee Steve Hallacy. She was amongst 27 applicants short-listed for interview to replace Vijendra Prakash who was sacked for nepotism and cronyism.

Mrs Hallacy is said to have property management skills.

She will also be responsible for Suva's neighbouring Lami Town Council.


Anonymous said...

i wonder if people really know what nepotism and cronyism mean. its sad that people are branded such after doing an excellent job. nothing has been proven and if it is so then the public has the right to see what the previous SA did to deserve such a harsh treatment. real justice is done by the almighty, noone can escape HIM and his judgement.

Anonymous said...

Every knows Suva and Lami could be run a lot better than they are. You'd be blind not to see the deterioration over the years. Suva is like an old lady fallen on hard times. Just look at street shots from the 1960s to see how her beauty has faded. If Marica Hallacy can apply the urban botox, good for her. We need to make Suva proud of herself again. Not point in having all these beautiful girls around last week as guests of a tired old tart. Let's get behind Marica and make things happen. Money's not the real issue but pride in our capital, initiative and attention to detail. That starts with all of us.