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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

NZ considering expelling Fiji diplomat

New Zealand's Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully says Fiji's judiciary is not independent as claimed by Fiji's interim leader Frank Bainimarama.

Bainimarama says he's expelling the High Commissioners of New Zealand and Australia because of their government's interference with Fiji's independent judiciary.

But Murray McCully told Radio New Zealand they don't consider Fiji's judiciary independent because they were chosen by the military regime.

McCully says the New Zealand government is now considering whether to expel Fiji diplomats.


Anonymous said...

If Fiji has already withdrawn it's high commissioner, who are the Kiwi's going to kick out? The tea lady?

If they start chucking out lower level officials, Fiji will only do the same. And that won't be popular with ordinary NZers, who won't have the same level of access to consular services when they're on holidays..

You can tell by their delay in responding that Murray McCully and Stephen Smith are in a bind.

Just when they wanted to lower the temperature in the relationship with Fiji, it's suddenly gone through the roof.

What will they do? Tougher travel advisories? They haven't worked either because Aussies and Kiwis know Fiji remains a safe ( and cheap ) holiday destination.

The Americans aren't happy with any of this. Notice how quiet they've gone on Fiji?

US diplomats have stopped merely taking advice from the Aussies and Kiwis and are suddenly doing their own spade work. Why? Because they regard Chinese expansion as a much wider concern.

Anonymous said...

Did warn this was a setup.

First time I read Wati's story smelt a rat - didn't sound right?
Appeared more concerned with publicity than childs health.
What's subsequently happened merely confims - this is the old bogey man tactic - take the heat off their own criminal incompetence.

What a lot of people don't realise is that on a per capita basis Australia gives more aid to Fiji than any other country.
Talk about shooting yourself in both feet.

Hopefully ONA & DFAT will now 'finally' realise what their dealing with & get serious with these oppurtunist criminals & their supporters - AUS citizens included.

Anonymous said...

expel them so they can come back and live directly under Frank's military PERS and their families denied all the benefits they are now enjoying in NZ

Fiji Democracy Now said...

Can we now see Frank's end-game strategy?

Ifs always been difficult to see through the murky fog of lies and deceit that envelops Frank Bainimarama's tin-pot dictatorship, but at last something is starting to emerge.

What we can discern with increasing clarity is the no-school dictator's long-term strategy to save his own hide and escape the consequences of his criminal actions.

The first clue as to what he has in mind is the five-year timetable he was quick to announce following the abrogation of the 1997 Constitution.
The second clue is the dictator's public statement that the appointment of Ratu Epeli Nailatikau as "President" will be limited to a single three-year term.

Three years. Just think about it. That will take us to the end of 2012.

Coincidentally, the latter part of 2012 is the proposed point at which the dictatorship says it will finally launch the process of drawing up a new constitution, two years ahead of the (also) proposed 2014 election.

The dictator's excuse for postponing work on a Constitution has always been that his regime wants to concentrate first on rebuilding our economy.

But his real reason has been to buy time, enough time to entrench his dictatorship and then move to the final stage of consolidating his power in a way that will guarantee he never goes to jail.

By orchestrating the drawing up of a new constitution to ensure it gives the President immunity from criminal prosecution, Bainimarama will then need only to take over the Presidency from Nailatikau ahead of manipulating the election process to bring about a government to his liking.

While we at FDN believe the successful realisation of this strategy would make things so much worse for Fiji in the longer term/ we are still more concerned with what will happen in the short-to-medium term.

The facts speak for themselves: in the barely three years since he used
the army's guns to seize power Bainimarama has managed to severely
cripple Fiji's economy.

Give the blustering bully another three years and he will destroy it.

Anonymous said...

Fiji Democracy Now, you've been wrong about most things up till now and you're wrong again.

Frank doesn't need to buy time or find some obscure reason to bring on a scrap. It's the Aussies who caused this latest fracas by inappropriately contacting the Sri Lankan judges and NZ by treating a Fiji judge with contempt.

Frank struck back and about time. Fiji is back in the news and more and more Aussies and Kiwis are getting the message that we can't be pushed around.

Your fundamental problem is the lack of a popular uprising to support you own demands. Plus the fact that Fiji's foreign reserves have exceeded one billion dollars for the first time in 12 years.

So who's really on the back foot here bruddah?

Anonymous said...

1st Anon.

You seem to know a lot about future US policy & intentions on Fiji?

Take it from me - you know absolutely jack shit.

Anonymous said...


The person verbalising the American intensions in the south pacific is on the money no shit.

Anonymous said...

Just leave Fiji alone. Fiji is for Fijians not Indians. NZ and Australia are welcome anytime NOT the Indians or Chinese. Bainimarama and supporters are wrong again. Keep extending the emergency decree because you wont be safe as long as the native Fijians are around.