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Friday, November 20, 2009

NZ firm carried out spectrum study

Ponsonby Auckland based firm Streamcom was hired by the dictatorship regime to carry out a study of spectrum in Fiji, according to the interim regime.

The regime claims that based on the study, it has promulgated the Spectrum Decree nullifying the permanent status of all existing licence for frequencies used for radio broadcast, television broadcast, telecommunications, microwave links or any other service which uses radio frequency spectrum from 3HZ to 300GHz.

A cursory glance of information available on the web pages of Streamcom indicates the company specialises in Information Technology like creating websites, broadcast system design services, IT management.

According to the information, Streamcom and its subsidiaries do not have the expertise to carry out studies on spectrums or radio frequencies.

Our sources have established that the management of Streamcom was first visited in New Zealand by Fiji Broadcasting Commission Ltd (FBCL) general manager Riyaz Sayed-Khaiyum earlier this year. Sources say Riyaz visited Streamcom after being made aware of the IT company by Maori TV.

Streamcom maintained Pacific and Maori Radio, including iwi stations and the struggling Pacific Media Network, which runs the Auckland based 531pi ad NiuFM stations.

FBCL has already obtained a $17 million loan from Fiji Development Bank to set up a television station.

Coupfourpointfive has been told that the decision by Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum to make all broadcast licenses and frequencies temporary with immediate effect means that FBCL will be the biggest beneficiary of this Decree because frequencies used by Fiji Television can now be re-allocated entirely or shared by FBCL’s new television service without having to invest millions to set up transmitters or carry out a marketing campaign because people already have antennas and have their television sets tuned for the current frequency used by Fiji TV’s free channel.

Similarly, sources point out that rival and private radio station Communication Fiji Ltd, which has established itself as Fiji’s leading radio station, will be forced to either share or give away the frequencies of its popular radio station networks to FBCL to make it a permanent mouthpiece for the regime.

Our sources have established that Streamcom did not carry out any consultations or meetings with any broadcaster or existing licence holder.

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Tui Viti can't run a sugar industry
- banking sector - legal system etc etc - so don't hold your breath on this one eitheir.