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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Regime begs EU for Sugar Funding

Fiji's dictatorship regime is now begging the European Union to release the $350 million grant the EU has withheld as assistance to cane farmers to boost their sugarcane crop.

Since the military coup of December 2006, the EU has so far cancelled allocations worth $172 million. The entire $350 million was a grant.

During a meeting between the regime and the EU in Brussels this week, the interim Foreign Affairs Minister Ratu Inoke Kubabola, who accompanied the regime's Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama to the meeting, is reported by Fiji Television as telling EU officials that the sugar funding has serious socio-economic implications.

Fiji TV reported that Kubuabola told the EU that the reduced sugar earnings was barely sufficient to neet operational costs of industry stakeholders and the withholding of the EU grant would be detrimental for the sustainability of the sugar industry.

Kubuabola's plea for EU help contradicts the stand taken by Bainimarama as well as Fiji Labour Party Leader Mahendra Chaudhry when he was the regime's Finance and Suar Minister.

Chaudhry had made it clear that the commitments made to the EU by the regime in April 2007 were not cast in stone, meaning the regime should not hold elections by March 2009 as required by the EU.

In June this year, Bainimarama told farmers that the regime would not look for overseas funding to revive the sugar industry.

He told the farmers to bite the bullet as the regime could not do anything if the EU decided not to release the funds.

The regime's change of tune comes as the sugar indusry is encountering one of is worst seasons in history.

We had earlier reported that cane production had fallen from 3.2 million tonnes in 2006 to 2.37 million tonnes last year. And the 2009 cane crop would be around 2 million tonnes or less.

The sugar production has declined from 310,000 tonnes in 2006 to 207,000 tonnes in 2008 with production declining below 200,000 tonnes for 2009.


mark manning said...

As the money slowly dries up, Frank and Co. must be wondering if there is enough room for them at the Inn !
Will George allow them to share his cell ?

Anonymous said...

So - Tui Viti & Co begs Eurotrash for funds?

Suggestion (observation)Eurotrash.

Don't under any circumstances let the Cobra or relatives anywhere near money earmarked for farmers.

Can understand an industry going broke when world commodity
prices slump - but it takes a rare & unique ability to do it during a boom.

Tui - running a country is nothing like rowing a boat.

Anonymous said...

Betcha the Eurotrash cave in. Why? Coz the French love Frank and love getting up the noses of the Aussies and the Kiwis even more.They also know that it's only the small guy getting hurt here and for what? For them, it's a drop in the ocean.

Anonymous said...

Last time the French dropped anything in the Pacific it went booooooooom!
There's a thought!
Maybe they could conduct negotiations with Tui Viti on Muruoa?

Anonymous said...

The EU must not change its position. They must maintain their credibility and force Frank to hold elections. Frank is getting desperate without any sign of giving in.

There is no consolation prize in this. The international partners must ground Frank into nothingness! Period!

Anonymous said...

Oi, anon at 8.29:

And we must ground you till you get your act together language wise! Period!

Anonymous said...

Oi-aue, yes u that posted text quoted below, 1)stop bullying!!!
"And we must ground you till you get your act together language wise! Period!
November 24, 2009 1:05 AM"
2)Totally agree with anon@8.29: your hero frankinstein must be brought down to earther & grounded or grinded whichever will make him suffer & get a taste of what he is dishing out.

Get real, the guy is a monster!!

Anonymous said...

Na Dina, e dua na lasu levu oqo. The only monstering going on here is of the English language. If we were doing the same to the Fijian language, you'd be the first to complain. And who's the bully dear? Poor Sayed is like a battered baby just because he had the temerity to cast you aside. Or were you just being a viavia levu pretending to know him? Wai lei, wannabe but can't be!

Anonymous said...

@ anon november 24, 2009 12:35am

Great to see how much your are propping up your 'battered baby,poor sayed', thats tto be expected when you play the games of stealing someone else's toys eh in this instance 'Fiji people's livelihood & freedom" You think hoodwinkinh us will keep us quiet, 'its ovela vel a sara!!!
Fiji belongs to the people & not to people like saiyad, Bhaini in pajamas & you giving yr tuppence worth from wherever you are. For all one knows you may be one of those that have changed your passport and does not give a toss where Fiji ends up as long as Saiya & co are making their money on the sides thats all you care about. Let the ordinary people suffer is on your lips if were are to discern your though patterns!! Go get a life, you not even paying any tax to Fiji like we are. We will keep beating this 'Lali' until it is heard.

Anonymous said...

Na Lasu, my tuppence worth is that you're gripped with paranoia and are turning in on yourself. I might have changed my passport but you need to change your underwear. Qori.

Anonymous said...

@anon November 28, 2009 1:36 AM
I see you're running out of points so you 've decided to go below the belt. Well tell you what, we're opposite to what you think.

In fact we 're quite pleased with the progress being made thus far. In the event it slipped your memory, the world & those Fiji people who just cannot wait to see the back of this iig are sitting back, watching iig fools make a mockery of themselves!!

Authentic Fiji people who wants the real truth are resilient people & will go for jugular & nothing less!!

Oh, by the way, lets stick to the conversation ok, here it is as Mark Manning so pointedly stated, quote "As the money slowly dries out,.. "unquote