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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sir Paul Reeves: Don't shut Fiji out

Sir Paul Reeves, the Commonwealth's special envoy to Fiji is calling on NZ and Australia not to give up on Fiji despite the tit for tat explusions.

Sir Paul was sent to Fiji in September to try and persuade it's military leaders to have elections before 2014.

He told Radio NZ, Australia and New Zealand should talk to the leaders of Pacific nations and ask them to help sort out the debacle instead of shutting Fiji out completely.

He said the people of Fiji are already suffering and this latest debacle doesn't help.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sir Paul is one hell of a guy and should be listened to.

His idea for NZ to help other Pacific nations help Fiji is a good one.

Instead, NZ and Oz have ganged up on Fiji in the Pacific Forum and forced other countries to join them.

Such a pity NZ has lost its way so badly when it comes to the Pacific in recent years.

It used to understand us in a way the Aussies couldn't but is even more stupid and pig headed nowadays.

Except for Sir Paul, a great and holy man who all of us admire no matter what side we're on.