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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Bainimarama welcomes Key's comments

The leader of Fiji's interim government has told an ethnic radio station in Auckland it's good news that New Zealand Prime Minister John Key wants renewed engagement.

Mr Key this week told Radio Tarana he's in the process of writing to Commodore Frank Bainimarama to try to engage him in dialogue.

Commodore Bainimarama told the station he's encouraged by the change of stance, as Fiji would like to continue dialogue with the Govenrments of New Zealand and Australia.

Last month Fiji expelled New Zealand's top diplomat in Suva - the third head of mission to be made to leave Fiji in three years.

Commodore Bainimarama says the return of High Commmissioners to Fiji and New Zealand would be part of relations becoming normal between the two countries -Radio NZ


Anonymous said...

Yes dialogue with all political parties, can't see Frank letting that happen.

Anonymous said...

No way. Leave the pig alone. The pig is dangerous.

naca said...

I have commented over and over again that we cannot rely on Australia and NZ to help us out of our dilemma. NZ now wants to work with FBai.

Fbai had been given the go-ahead to do whatever he wants in Fiji which will bring about One World Order. FBai knows that the jesuits will go after the leaders in Aust and NZ to finally succumb to Rome's plan.

Our Bible especially Revelation foretells these plans for us. You won't be surprised when you know well ahead what is coming.

Let's fight this govt while we can but be aware to know what the final outcome is. God will be the final victor, so do not give up halfway thru.

Anonymous said...

So the Kiwis have caved in. You mark my words. The Aussies won't be far behind them. And all the trauma of the last three years will have been for nothing. Why is it happening? Because Frank is even more entrenched, the economy is bouncing back and more and more ordinary people are backing the regime. Check out the latest comments from Rotuma. Provincial leaders are saying Frank has delivered more basic services than all previous government combined. So there's a case to be made that the SDL has only itself to blame. Don't take any notice of John key's apparent proviso of Frank needing to have "dialogue with all political parties". The Kiwis know they have to accept his exclusion of parties that are racially based such as the SDL. Why? Because no democratic government can be seen to support the notion of race-based political parties anywhere in the region and they've got no choice. Moce SDL, vakadua. We're going to have to get used to the fact that Fiji's neighbours have weakened their resolve. Frank has won and democracy is on hold until 2014 ( assuming he can be trusted to keep his word ). A bitter pill for us all to swallow but it isn't the first time expediency has come before principle in international affairs.

Anonymous said...

Naca, you are one tamani sized nutter. Kemudou, a new world order governed from Rome? As if we haven't got enough problems with the "new order" governed from the QEB. What rock did you emerge from? As outright insanity takes hold, I can see that the yabaki vou is going to be even worse than the yabaki makawa. Will somebody wake me from this nightmare?

Anonymous said...

I dont think the Kiwis have caved in, Key wants to open dialogue again, but he stated with all political parties. We all know Frank it not going to let this happen and we will be back at square one again.
Keys has to show that the NZ government is trying to do something about Fiji's situation and I guess they will come across as trying to do something positive, Frank wont win this round because there is no way he will invite the SDL party to the table.

Anonymous said...

Book of The Month - V Bainimarama.

'How 2 play chess without players'.

Anonymous said...

Ok time to start campaigning for a return of either Butakdroka's party or SDL for next round of election.

All you political wannabes meeting up in AKL to try & restructure Fiji's Political Space can go to blazes!!!

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