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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Commonwealth Games head says "sport and politics cannot be separated"

Debate over Fiji's eligibility to participate at the 2010 Commonwealth Games continues.

Only Malaysia was prepared to put a request for Fiji to be included in the Games at the Commonwealth heads of Government meeting in Trinidad.

New Zealand prime minster John Key spoke against the motion, while Papua New Guinea remained silent.

The President of Fiji's Commonwealth Games committee says they will take their grievances to the International Court of Arbitration for Sport.

The head of the Commmonwealth Games Federation spoke to Radio Australia:


Anonymous said...

Look, I don't think Fiji athletes should be too worried about being excluded from the Commonwealth Games now that Rwanda is participating. Of those Rwandans still alive after the Tutsi and Hutu massacres of the 1990s, most have lost one or two limbs. So this isn't really an exercise for the able-bodied anymore. Apparently this is what they mean when they talk about "crippling" Commonwealth sanctions. I think that in the interests of keeping our athletes competitive, we should stay away from the whole thing, don't you?

Anonymous said...

Do a little research mate on what is really happening in Rwanda alot has changed.

Anonymous said...

It's also changed in Fiji, " mate". Like the lying, cheating, racist former government has gone.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 8.17

Yeah, done a little research, mate, and Rwanda ain't Fiji, that's for sure. The massacres stopped but human rights violations continue and the regime there is described as ruthless. A French judge even found that the country's president, Paul Kagame, ordered the shooting down of a jet carrying his predecessor. Kagame is also widely accused of having been partly responsible for the massacres themselves. This guy makes Frank look positively angelic. But he and his blighted country are in the Commonwealth and we're out. In my book, that's called hypocrisy and double standards. What's your research show? The BS that Rwanda is the "success story of Africa"? Dig a little deeper next time.

Sakaraia Veitubuni said...

Oh, and what about the lying, cheating, murdering, racist, idiotic lot that we have leading us now? And without our mandate as well? What idiot even tries to compare Frank's idiocy with LQ's brilliance? LQ was and is as clean as chalk...Frank and his gang are as grubby & filthy as the Naboro dump and Kinoya Sewerage Plant combined..They are pillaging and looting the government coffers as Fiji waits for the tide to turn. LQ was and still is a brilliant business person...Frank..what can one say about the guy? Dumb? Unschooled? Idiotic? Financially illiterate? All the above plus more? Where does one start?

Radiolucas said...

What is this argument about? Cripples and Rwandans?

Sakaraia makes the good, and oft repeated point, that the Frank's supposed mandate to "clean up" Fiji.

None of the supposed corruption that LQ committed were proved and nothing stuck. It was all propaganda put out by a man who was himself, the subject of a criminal investigation: Frank Bainimarama. He had, and still has, nothing to lose and everything to gain by continuing to lie to the people of Fiji and to maintain his grip on power.

Coup apologists should be ashamed for their disingenious, foolish and irresponsible support for the Military Junta.

Anonymous said...

so where's all the supposed support coming form the 'melanesian brothrhood' Frank is always speaking of.
They have nothing to say about this apparently. Commonwealth is entirely correct and sanctions on Fiji should be further and more extreme. Flights tourism, diplomatic and communications. A full blockade to squeeze them. we can be assured that the 'melanesian brotherhood' with be conspicuous in their silence.

Anonymous said...

Well said Zak. You can add derailed mind, to your list of adjactives for Vore. Ia, na luve ni tevoro.