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Monday, December 7, 2009

Leweni appointed to Fiji TV board

Fiji Television Limited has announced that Lt Colonel Neumi Leweni has been elected to be a member of the company’s board of directors.

Leweni was elected by the shareholders at the company’s Annual General Meeting
on Friday, 4th December.


  1. So old dreamy kava eyes gets a board job at Fiji TV? Funny how it comes straight off the back of the television license spill. Guess which company is now safe? Vinaka, vinaka!

  2. The Lt Col knows nothing about television and nothing about running a business. Brilliant appointment!

  3. Can anyone explain to me how this guy has come so far when he perpetually looks like he's just got up from the yaqona bowl? He wanders around Suva looking so dopey and is so inept in his public statements that you wonder what Frank sees in him. Now he gets to formally decide what happens not just at Fiji TV but its two companies in PNG, Media Niugini and EM TV. I notice in today's paper that he and his wife joined Frank and Mary plus Epeli Ganilau and Tevita Mara and their respective spouses on Air Pacific's inaugural flight to Hong Kong. So he's right up there in the current hierarchy. It can't be just because he laughs at all of Frank jokes, surely? Can anyone out there explain how the humble drummer boy wound up outranking the drum major? Sure beats me.

  4. sa yawa na gang ei Voreqe

  5. Someone is giving bananas to his monkey to make him happy, otherwise it starts gibbering.

  6. Ok...can we get Leweni to present the news at 6pm?

  7. Good blower, good crower............

    Does anyone know how much this family is raking in between them, from milking the Govt coffers high and dry?

  8. Good for business to be friends with the Baini at this time in Fiji eh?

    All your qualifications need to be to get into the military government is a sleepy brain and a broad, flat tongue.

    What a repugnant state of affairs.

  9. "elected by the shareholders at the companies annual general meeting"?

    Makes you wonder about the mindset
    & makeup of shareholders? (glad I'm not one).

    Electing someone who knows absolutely nothing about this particular form of media to a crucial position such as this does not make sense?

    Obviously more too this than has been reported.

  10. I totally support that! Continue that way!


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