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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Media decree drafted

Fiji's interim government has confirmed they are in the process of drafting a media decree.

However, it has stressed that consultations will not be held with the Fiji Times and Fiji TV.

The PM's Office said before finalizing the media decree, consultations will be held with media organizations and other relevant stakeholders which recognize the contemporary legal system in Fiji, the Bainimarama government and who have an interest in moving Fiji forward for the benefit of all the citizens.

The Prime Minister's Office said Fiji Times and Fiji TV will not be consulted because according to the government the two media outlets have demonstrated through their perverse publication and broadcast that they do not recognize the contemporary Fijian legal system, the status of the Bainimarama government, are partisan and not Fiji focused.


Anonymous said...

I am not surprised at all. If they can put a reject as president of fiji, a drummer as head of information and board member of Fiji TV, and a derailed person as leader of this beloved country, and the list of misfits goes on, they can put a muzzel over journalists mouth as easy as ABC. Our news shall be just a propaganda item.

Anonymous said...

Bit worried about Fiji Times Netani Rika's thinking right now?

Does he really believe the regime would ask him for input?
Suggest his time would be better spent lobbying his boss Rupert
Murdoch in NY into using his influence towards changing current US policy towards Fiji - prime example being ambassidor Steven McGann offering tacit support to regime by continually attending functions organised by military dictatorship - eg: when everyone of note stayed away at illegal presidents recent inauguration
McGann didn't - not a good look...

Tears for Fiji said...

Oh! my the poor childish actions by this regime is not even normal anymore...especially when exhibited by adults.

Kudos! to the Fiji Times and Fiji TV for their stand on this one.

At least when an elected democratic government of the people is in place, we can all celebrate for standing fast in our beliefs of democracy (never mind its inadequacies, as it is still the best system that exists).

Anonymous said...

It makes sense for the dictator not to talk to those media outlets that refuse to subscribe to the journalism of hope and praise for the regime. On the other hand, what is the point to consult with boot lickers and brown nosers such as the Sun?