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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

NZ PM played major role in keeping Fiji out

Fiji has been kept out of next year's Commonwealth Games in India after the Commonwealth leaders meeting in Trinidad and Tobago rejected an appeal for Fiji to take part.

New Zealand Prime Minister John Key has been outspoken against letting Fiji play in the Games.

Vidhya Lakhan, the president of Fiji's Association of Sport and National Olympic Committee told Radio Australia he's disappointed to see Key take a lead role in swaying the decision of the Commonwealth leaders.

According to Radio Australia, John Key lobbied the leaders including the Indian Prime Minister to secure the defeat of the bid.

Lakhan says he's surprised that John Key would "stoop that low" and go and secure the support of the Indian Prime Minister.

He told Radio Australia it's not clear yet which leaders supported Fiji's bid.

Lakhan says Fiji will now go to the court of arbitration for support.


Keep The Faith said...

WTF Vidhya! As a "sportsman" this geezer should damn well know the importance of playing by the rules.

And can they all cut the crap about politics and sports not intertwining. Sports is just politics on a different public arena.

mark manning said...

these people just don't get it and just don't give up do they ?
They created the mess with their taking over a legitimate government, they won't return fiji to Democracy, yet want to be treated Democratically !
They have a warped view of what is Justice.
They expect it for themselves, but deny it of others.
and the idiots just won't stop whining until they get their way.
They are like a bunch of spoilt little brats !

Anonymous said...

Why is anyone surprised about this? Australia and NZ were always going to trip us up at the finishing line even with the Malaysians cheering us on. If this is the price Fiji has to pay for running it's own race, it's a price worth paying. Our athletes need to find other events to participate in so let's ask the Malaysians and the Chinese to assist.

Anonymous said...

More hysterical exclamation marks from dear old Mark.
"Spoilt little brats!" Is that the best you can do? Frank will be quaking. I thought you worked in a hospital not a school. Go and stand in the corner until you stop behaving like a dunce.

Anonymous said...

Really Lakhan you are flogging a dead horse! Please just accept that the Commonwealth has spoken and try and get that fool Frank to return Fiji to elections. That's all!

In any event Fiji will not win any medals in India. Period!

If Fiji Sports wish to really compete purleeeese just try abd get first place in the SPG first.

Fiji cannot even win the SPG yet it is crying to participate in the Commonwealth Games where they have zero chance of winning a medal. What is it Lakhan? You and your colleagues are trying to get a free holiday again like you have been having in all sports tournament held overseas or what?

Anonymous said...

Dont blame Keys Blame the Pig Voreqe, this is his mess and all he has to do is hold elections and Fiji will have representation at the Commonwealth games.

Anonymous said...

"Pigs" and "dead horses". Can't you pro-democracy types leave the poor animals alone? Why do to them what you've done to the country? Dears, it's called barnyard love in much of the western world. In Fiji, it's simply doing what comes naturally. Qori.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 1.26a.m

Go read George Orwell's Animal Farm and learn, you stupid bulumacow!

Anonymous said...

Another brilliant speller. We all know everyone in Fiji is related to everyone else. So Is it possible, anon at 4.04, that you're related to the luscious but deranged and illiterate Na Lasu, who along with Mark Manning, tends to get the biggest laughs in these columns? Another ulucow to join the herd of Orwellian misfits.

Anonymous said...

Seti seti @ anonsense 1.20, another of Frankie's clowns clutching at a loose straw like the loose bugger that you are! Quick! Moo off to your song&dance 'Heil Pig' prep, u stupid bulumacow. What a sorry lot of LOSERS.. lol!

Anonymous said...

And bugger you 2, you bovine kai colo.

Anonymous said...

HA HA Vidya Lakhan and Atma Maharaj fighting tooth and nails to get free trips to Motherland India - Atma with his brood too.

Thank you Commonwealth and thank you John Keys. We the right thinking people of this country salute you. Without Churchill, the freedom loving people of subdued Europe did not have a chance.

Anonymous said...

What's Churchill got to do with anything? Never in the field of political debate has so much been said that makes so little sense.