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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Rika says Times been nothing but pro-Fiji

The Fiji Times has been nothing but pro-Fiji in its approach to editorial content.

This according to Fiji Times editor-in-chief Netani Rika this afternoon.

"Look at our publications over the last 12 months. We have supported campaigns which raised funds for cancer awareness and care as well as major awareness of HIV/AIDS, violence against women, climate change and helping reform ex-prisoners," he said.

"We implemented an award system to recognise people whose individual efforts contributed to a better Fiji. We have been nothing but pro-Fiji.

"It is regretable that the Fiji Times along with Fiji TV has been banned from dialogue on the proposed media decree thus missing the opportunity for consultations with as wide a variety of interested parties as possible.

"We remain very supportive of responsible journalism which we believe includes presenting all sides of any issue so that the people of Fiji can consider issues affecting them armed with as much information as possible.

"We will continue to remain fully focused and supportive of the people of Fiji, their achievements and their challenges." - Fiji Times

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Anonymous said...

Keep on Fiji Times, they shall not last long.