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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tappoos rewarded in 2010 Budget

We had reported last week that a Tappoos owned company, Britstar Investments Ltd had bought a prime property in Suva from a company owned by interim Attorney-General and Tourism minister Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum and his mother Latifa Khaiyum.

We had stated that this was clearly a conflict of interest and that sources had confirmed that Tappoos had struck a deal with Sayed-Khaiyum for concessions.

This deal has been revealed in the 2010 budget.

While outlining a host of incentives for the Tourism Sector, Frank Bainimarama revealed that tourists will be able to reclaim 12.5% of VAT when leaving Fiji for purchases over $500.

The Chief Executive of Fiji Islands Revenue & Customs Authority Jitoko Tikolevu told media after last Friday's budget that these purchases will have to made from only one outlet at Nadi Airport and Suva wharf.

This move was immediately welcomed by Tappoos boss Kanti Tappoo who told the media that Fiji could now be established as a tourist shopping destination.

Sources say Tappoos will be the exclusive duty free outlet eligible for this concession when it starts in January 2010.


Anonymous said...

When Frank sports a gold Rolex is the day we'll know he's just like every other dictator. Remember the gold Rolex Hari Punja gave to Sitiveni Rabuka? Rambo was trying to sell it around town a few years later when he was cash-strapped. Hopefully Kantilal Tappoo is more sophisticated to engage in such crude inducements but I wouldn't bet on it. What you can count on is that the local Gujis will always look after number one.

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