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Saturday, January 30, 2010

New Criminal decree brings worry

Fiji's new Criminal Procedure Decree which comes into effect on Monday is more serious than it looks according to sources.

One part of the decree limits what the Fiji media can report on a criminal case when it is transferred to the High Court.

Under Section 201 0f the Decree,  the Fiji media can only report on the name of magistrate hearing the case, identity of the court, the name, age and occupation of the accused, the accused person’s lawyer and where the accused has been remanded or bailed.

Media reports can also include a summary of the offence with which the accused has been charged with.

The maximum fine for any media organization or journalist not abiding by the decree is $10,000.

Of more serious concern is under Chapter Three - Part 10 Criminal Offences.

Under subsection 65 Part 2 individuals and NGO's criticising Frank Bainimarama's regime are deemed to have committed treason and this is punishable by  imprisonment for 10 years.

Under the decree, an individual will also be arrested at Nadi airport if they make criticisms against the interim government overseas.

The decree also states that any individual sending or communicating any negativity from overseas to Fiji or vice-versa or  within Fiji is guilty of sedition.


mark manning said...

Might this be the last straw ?
To expect others to suffer a prison sentence for Sedition at the hands of an illegal entity, for criticising the very person who himself was about to be arrested for sedition, is hypocritical to say the least.
The difference and stark contrast is, Frank Bainimarama was guilty of Sedition against a " Legal Entity " .

Anonymous said...

Here we go again! Frank and Khaiyum are consolidating their positions so that they will be in power for the next 20 years.

The worse part is that Fijians are lapping all these up and now starting to praise Frank the dictator as the saviour of Fiji!

From the beginning Fijians have always suffered from this weakness. They will yell and swear that democracy and elected govt is the only way to go.

But if Frank persists for a short while and do some pysical development at the village level then Fijians will start turning around and praising him as if he is the lord Jesus Christ.

Anonymous said...

Truly, truly disturbing.

But it won't stop us from pointing out the truth about the Military Dictatorship.

Sai Lealea said...

- Isa Noqu Viti, just where is the illegitimate regime taking you and its people?
- This latest decree confirms for all to see how punitive, repressive and vindictive the regime has become in its quest to terrorize the people to follow its will. Where will it all end and how far can the people of Fiji withstand these withering attacks on their freedom and livelihood as citizens?
- More importantly, what exactly are the motives behind these decrees other than the intention to shut out for good any semblance of opposition to the regime's illegal rule.
- How can anyone in their right mind ever support such an action? Yet we have Fijians in the regime who somehow appear totally oblivious to the acts of terrorism being perpetrated through these actions.
- Will such decrees ever stand up in any democratic and legally constituted courts? Never. Sadly though, what is now required from within and without Fiji is a Regime Change- similar to that in Iraq by the Coalition Forces. The state of the nation of Fiji and the terrorism now exacted on its citizens by the regime is no different, other than in scale, to that of Saddam Hussein in pre-invasion Iraq.
- The solution now for Fiji is nothing short than a full scale effort to throw out the regime there for the sake of the people of Fiji. It is time that sanctions against the regime be tightened further as current initiatives have only emboldened them to flex their muscle and poke their nose at those offering helpful advice and assistance. I am glad Australia and NZ are maintaining their current stance on sanctions and other freedom loving nations must follow.
- Otherwise Fiji and its people will slowly but surely crumble under the weight of the restrictions placed on their freedom, dignity and self respect.

Anonymous said...

WOW !!!! Wwhhaat iisss thiisss?

Guess what the next decree is? Anybody looking at any of the regime's officers scornfully, or in a sacastic manner will be jailed for life.

Kisitoni tiko vei iko.

Anonymous said...

I guess the next decree will ensure that anybody looking in their direction without any valid reason will be imprisoned for five days!

Anonymous said...

Next it will be anybody even thinking scornfully at Bainimagatinana and company will be sentence to life in prison. They do not even have to pen their mouth, just thinking about it is enough.

I look forward to pissing on their grave.

mark manning said...

It will have to be f**king big jail then !

Anonymous said...

Aiyarse has revisted his bomb making laboratory and put together a new device that can detect if someone is thinking ill of the illegal government.

His next decree is life sentence for someone thinking ill of the regime and police will be issued the new device to detect what is on people's mind and charge them on the spot.

Anonymous said...

Is this the ype of society coup apologists like this 'so called' professer herr and aspi are supporting?

Anonymous said...

What do you expect from a regime driven by fear & self preservation?