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Monday, January 25, 2010

Driti tells Baleidrokadroka to stop being childish

The Fiji Military Force Land Force Commander, Brigadier General Pita Driti has accused former Fijian commander Jone Baleidrokadroka of making childish statements.

Driti  was responding to Baleidrokadroka’s comments on Radio NZ that Permanent Secretary for Information Col Neumi Leweni was being deployed as Counsel to Fiji’s High Commission in Wellington as a spy.

"The idea or the allegation that we are sending a spy is very much childish. I would also like to stress that Col Baleidrokadroka is speaking in favor of the 2 countries only because he has no where else to go but needs to establish his position either in NZ or Australia to get favor from them," he told Radio Fiji.

"I think it is not appropriate of him to speak of such a thing especially as a former military officer and a former land force commander but then again I would like to stress the fact that Fiji is sending Leweni as a Commissioner- to test out that what we are doing with NZ and their approach to us is genuine and things will be done in a proper way with transparency."


mark manning said...

Who is Driti to be speaking of an Officer who outranked him ?
J.B. at least earnt his Commission, unlike Driti who has bullied his way to the top of the heap, shit heap !
He did this by standing on the heads and backs of pregnant women @ the Barracks on the eve of the 24th. of December 2006.
Driti has no credibility, loyalty, manners or intelligence.
He is no match for a real Soldier such as J.B.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Mr Driti, why else can Fiji be sending Drummer boy who doesnt know anything about diplomacy as its Ambassodor.
Other countries their best, as they represent the visions and image of their countries.
Well, I guess VB has trown the cream of Fiji's career civil servants who are much worthy to represent Fiji, to the dogs and is now left with small feet wearing BIG shoes.
Neumi man!! Sa yawa na m--- p---

Anonymous said...

Come on down monica leweni!!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing how these lowly so-called officers before the 2006 coup like Leweni and Driti are talking like senioe govt officials!

The only thing we ordinary people can see are arrogance, wannabes who are playing God! The worse culprit commiting this sin of playing God is Cranky Franky! and of course wannabe Khaiyum Kubu!