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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Leweni earmarked for NZ position

Fiji's interim Permanent Secretary for Information Neumi Leweni has been earmarked to head Fiji’s High Commission in Wellington.

It’s understood the nomination for the position of Fiji’s representative in New Zealand has been put forward by the Fiji Government.

But Leweni said it will be entirely up to Foreign Affairs and the New Zealand government.

The Government spokesman joined the military in 1974 and was one of two official spokesmen for the Military in 2006.

He resigned in August 2007 to take up a diplomatic post, as Military attaché to China - Fijilive


Anonymous said...

This will be a big test of New Zealand's new policy of engagement with Fiji. I'll be very surprised if the NZ Government accepts Leweni's nomination because of the inevitable outcry that would follow from the media and human rights lobby. But in purely diplomatic terms, it would be very difficult for Wellington to block the appointment. Of equal interest, I think, is the news today that author and former diplomat, Peter Thomson, is to replace Berenado Vunibobo as permanent representative to the UN. This is the highest level European appointment in Fiji for a generation and sends a clear signal that Frank's vision of a multiracial Fiji also includes the white man. As he explains in his autobiography, Kava in the Blood, Thomson is fifth generation Fiji-born on his mother's side. He's bright, personable and knows the diplomatic ropes, having represented Fiji in Japan and Australia in the 70s and 80s before Rabuka jailed him during the 1987 coup and he was forced to leave Fiji. A clever choice that will put the regime's critics off balance, even as they deride the government for putting forward Leweni for Wellington.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope NZ will not accept this dope...he will spoil the scenery in Wellington.

mark manning said...

Not a chance !

Anonymous said...

Go on McCully, show them you're incharge in Foreign Diplomatic relations. All one has to do is look at Leweni's groggy, turtle eyes and see the cruelty zeeti ng out of them!!

NZ please ask for a reputable Fijians ilo this imp!!

Anonymous said...

Sai's Comments:
For the sake of Fiji and its people, pray this man does not get this posting as he is one of those who has undeservedly benefited from the illegal seizure of a democratic government. He has been promoted well beyond his ability and largely due to his lap dog services for his superior, Bainimarama.

He is an embarrassment and someone who has no idea of the proper role of a public servant, often displaying a blatant disregard, for the right of Fiji citizens to be informed about the actions of its government.

Prior to the 2006 Coup, he was the mouthpiece of the military in undermining and denigrating the legal Qarase government. All he will become in NZ, is a mole for the illegal regime in Fiji and doing his best to cast a veneer of legitimacy over a repressive regime. He should return to apply his skills as head of the Fiji military band, as that is where he will end up, on the return of a properly elected government in Fiji.

Fiji does not need to be embarrassed or ridiculed any further by appointing him.

Fiji Democracy Now said...

No-one should be too worried if Leweni is accepted by the NZ government as Counsellor at the High Commission. What's the difference between a military man and a failed politician who's jumped on the Bainimarama bandwagon?

Instead, we should see the positive in this appointment. If the mumbling fool ever becomes a spokesman for the illegal regime within NZ he will do more to help the Kiwis understand the kind of regime we are ruled by. His idiocy would spell out the reality of cronyism more effectively than any list of crony appointments.

Anonymous said...

good lord miss molly?? Leweni as a high commissioner?? id love to see him on that post what an idiot. Just make sure he takes him musical instrument with him .. the only thing he is Qualified on to do

mark manning said...

Was Frank Bainimarama installed as Commander of the Military at the behest of Epeli Ganilau, who was influenced by his wife, because Rt George Kadavulevu, a charismatic, qualified, experienced and much respected man, if installed as Commander, would have initiated an investigation into misappropriation of the
Military Fund ?
Did Epeli Ganilau, on one of his his visits to China in 1992 & 1997, demand $50,000 for travel, accommodation and spending expenses ?
Then there are the trips to Epeli’s Island in one of the Naval Ships, the use of the Regimental Fund to purchase a Toyota S.U.V. (red) for his family and no doubt many other anomalies surrounding the Regimental Fund, among other things.
The latest news is the confiscation of files on the investigation by the Fiji Police Force into Commander Frank Bainimarama and his alleged involvement, if any, in the torture and murder of the 5 C.R.W. Soldiers in 2000.
Unfortunately for Frank, someone took my suggestion in December 2006 and made several copies, 2 of which are with the Police Commissioner, Andrew Hughes in Australia !

FijiToday said...

My sources indicate that the person discussed for the position during the discussions between Murray McCully and Ratu Inoke Kubuabola was Parmesh Chand.

He was acceptable to both parties as NZ has dealt with him when he was previously posted to SPC in Wellington. He is a consumate Civil Servant/Politician and the PMs ex Private Secratary.

Anonymous said...

Leave the poor little drummer boy alone. Let him and his wife and crininally appointed daughter come to NZ so we can take the mickey out of them!!