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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Key urged to ignore Leweni nomination

The Fiji and Democracy Movement has written to the New Zealand prime minister, John Key, in protest at the interim government's decision to nominate Major Neumi Leweni as its next envoy.

The group describes Leweni as a 'key thug in the Fiji coup' and warns New Zealand would be allowing a criminal to enter the country if it agrees to his nomination. 

The movement's president, Usai Peter Waqatairewa, dismisses Leweni as a former drummer in the army band, who profited from the suffering of his fellow countrymen.

Wawatairewa says Key needs to remember that Leweni is the chief censor and encorcer of the Public Emergency Decree, which has supressed freedom of speech in Fiji and legitimased the military regime.


Anonymous said...

Can Someone arrange with Bhallu to let Leweni come to NZ and we kidnap him and beat the shit out him..

Anonymous said...

Why would Peter Waqatairewa "dismiss Leweni as a former drummer in the army band"? Isn't he just the man to get the Kiwis marching to a different beat?

Liu Muri said...

Wasn't Isikia Savua another thug who was caught with his pants down during Speight's coup in 2000 and who miserably failed in his duties, failed to have an appropriate Operations Plan to cover the fateful march which he knew was difficult to handle? He was subsequently cleared by a Kangaroo Court held in Camera by Justice Tuivaga. If this thug was deemed suitable for New York, them Leweni is suitable for Wellington. Anyway, suitability and qualifications were the last thing in Qarase regime when appointing people to diplomatic postings. They were merely rewarded for assisting him in his racist policies. How was Adi Samanunu ever considered suitable for Malaysia?
Get real, you so called defenders of democracy. You are a bunch of hypocrites who supported atrocities shaded under democracy and never spoke out but are now jumping up and down once you have been thrown off the gravy train of an unfair affirmative action that fattened the already fat cats.

Anonymous said...

@ Liumuri at least those decions were done by a legal government something your Mother Bainimarama will never ever be able to claim for his criminal gang

Anonymous said...

Liumuri, get some sense.IS was cleared in a legal court system, and appointed by a legal Government to represent his country.
Adi Samanunu is a leader and uses her head to do things.
Neumi on the other hand is a parrot and cannot synthesise things on diplomatic level. He will always see things in a military perspactive and that is not good foe Fiji.

Liu Muri said...

Talking about criminal gangs, how about siphoning of $23m of taxpayer money for election campaign of SDL in form of Agriculture scam for which poor PS of Agriculture became the fall guy for the criminals in SDL. And how about Class A shares in Fijian Holdings Limited by the core SDL criminals in form of their family companies?.
Mere elections through hook and crook do not grant any country any semblance of democracy. Fiji has hardly been one. So stop thinking that we had any form of democracy under the less than honest people at SDL.

Discombobulated Bubu said...

Dear dear Liu Muri - you and I have been down this path before - facts and proof of the pudding is what we want not wild allegations that you like to throw about ..... perhaps it has slipped your mind about the sticky hands in the Regimental Fund ?

And the subsequent sticky hands in taxpayers money by this illegal regime?

Pulease don't waste our time - hana beti ?