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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

NZ Gov't remain quite on Leweni's nomination

The NZ Government is maintaining its position of not commenting on a proposed Fijian appointment to its high commission in Wellington after the regime admitted today it was testing New Zealand by putting up a provocative candidate.

The proposed appointment of Permanent Secretary for Information and Military spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Neumi Leweni as a counsellor at the high commission is seen as a slap in the face for New Zealand.

It is provocative given the New Zealand Government's travel ban on members of the military-led regime, which was installed following a bloodless coup in 2006 led by Commodore Voreqe (Frank) Bainimarama, who is now prime minister.

Lt Col Leweni played a central role in the country's 2006 coup and is responsible for censoring local media, deporting journalists and curbing free speech, all moves that have met with criticism from the Australian and New Zealand governments.

Fiji's land force commander, Brigadier Pita Driti, said his government had put forward the name for counsellor at the High Commission as a "test" for the New Zealand government.

"We are just testing New Zealand's genuity you know, in having to arrange certain names to see how far they can accommodate what we want and if they accept Leweni, it's a great move," he told Auckland's Radio Tarana.

A spokesman for Foreign Minister Murray McCully said the Government's position on not commenting on diplomatic appointments while they were under consideration was still in place.

Last week when the candidate was proposed Prime Minister John Key also declined to get into a public debate about the candidate.

Relations between New Zealand and Fiji have been rocky and further deteriorated last year with the tit-for-tat expulsion of senior diplomats, which followed Cdre Bainimarama's repeated rejection of international deadlines for elections and measures against the media.

However, New Zealand and Fiji agreed earlier this month to improve diplomatic relations after Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully talked to his Fijian counterpart, Ratu Inoke Kubuabola, in Nadi about appointments in Suva and Wellington of additional counsellors.

They also agreed, in principle, to appoint deputy heads of mission in both capitals - NZPA


mark manning said...

I tire of the number of times in which I've heard of this coup being referred to as a bloodless coup.
This helicopter blew up before hitting the water after taking off from Nadi on the 5th. of December 2006.
Now in itself, that's not suspicious, but he happened to be the same pilot that was flying Ministers of Mr. Qarase's Government out to the outer Islands to get them to safety and even flew Mr. Qarase over Military roadblocks on the 5th. of December 2006, before exploding off Nadi !.

An Australian helicopter pilot was blown up in Fiji , west of Nadi on the 5th. of December , 2006 . His helicopter was seen to blow up before hitting the water . Coincidentally , explosives were stolen from the Gold mine in Fiji , a couple of weeks before this incident . That pilot was working for Island Hoppers , it wasn’t the helicopter which crashed on the Australian Naval ship . This same pilot , flew your Ministers to safety to the outer Islands at the beginning of the coup and your Prime Minister , Mr Qarase , over Military roadblocks . This action , stole Frank’s chance to have the PM detained and therefore Frank’s opportunity to run to the President and have the President declare a State of Emergency . The consequence of this was that Frank was unable to legally declare Martial Law as no State of Emergency had been declared . The actions of this brave helicopter pilot , have gone unnoticed by Fijians. So , the threat of terrorism , has been there from before the coup . I hope it doesn’t spread to Australia , but I can assure you , our Government is watching the unfolding events and is probably a few kilometers ahead of Frank .

Anonymous said...

What else does NZ want? Frank had expelled their diplomats, virtually told them to go to hell and yet NZ is willing to re-establish diplomatic relations with the illegal regime!

God what the hell is John Key thinking?

Is he bowing down to this Dictator - Frank or what?

What a shitty state of things when people go back on their word!