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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Qarase's case adjourned to next month

Fiji's ousted Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase's corruption case has been adjourned until February 23. 

He is accused of abuse of five charges of abuse of office brought by the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption in 2008.

FICAC told the High Court today it needs more time to consolidate conspiracy charges against him and Qarase's lawyer Qoriniasi Bale has asked for further clarification from the court as to what the consolidation of charges will mean for his client.


  1. They have nothing on him.

  2. Wow! Adjournment of Qarase's case,Removal of Qarase's name from a building, what next? I cannot understand the intense hatred FB & company (Frank Bainimarama & Filipe Bole)has for Qarase,reasons beyond understanding. FB's need to check your "inward hearts" and make sure it's good because Jesus is coming very soon and those who enter the Heavenly Kingdom of God must first practise living with a pure loving heart among others here on earth before they can find a place in God's Kingdom of Heaven where only the pure in heart who believe in Christ and who dwell in the ways of Christ reside.

  3. The consolidation of chargess means they got nothing.Two it means that Qarase will be kept tied down by the charges until he becomes a spent force.

  4. It's a good idea to keep postponing the case of corruption against Mr. Qarase because it gives Frank and Co. more time to fabricate evidence and fool the general population of Fiji !
    And there I was all theses years thinking that fijians were an intelligent community !
    Oh well, we all make mistakes !

  5. Frank's abhorrence of Mr. Qarase stems from his lack of education and inability to contribute anything substantial to the fijian community.
    Basically, he is jealous, envious and conflicted by Mr. Qarase's success, but doesn't know how to emulate it !

  6. Mark Manning, I am a poor islander and would like a dollar for every sentence you end with an exclamation mark. Please, Mark, there's no need to shout at us as if we're deaf or stupid. Just by ending with a ! doesn't make the logic of your contributions any better. But I notice Mere Samisoni doesn't mind. I don't like to pry into peoples' personal lives but I think you're made for each other. (!)

  7. Gaol Qarase and gaol Bainimarama. These two make both make me sick!

  8. Anon
    You either use full stops, question marks or exclamation marks to end a sentence.
    I only use exclamation marks to let people know that I'm making or trying to make, a point or statement and to highlight the fact that my sentence is not a question nor ordinary sentence.

  9. So Willy, if it's a pox on both of them, who's your man ( or woman) ? You must have grown up in Viti makawa, that's for sure. To use gaol instead of jail identifies you as a man of education and distinction. Vinaka.


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